The Morning Briefing: Biden's Last Brain Cell May Be the Death of the Republic

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While we here on the right are guardedly enthusiastic about the upcoming midterm elections, a greater problem that they can’t fix looms. Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is difficult to watch, even for those of us who are politically opposed to him. Heck, maybe especially for those of us who are politically opposed to him.


Because we know that he’s not going to mentally make it to 2024 and that there are no real upgrades among the Democrats were he to make an early exit.

After Biden’s “I see dead people” moment last week, the discussion of his mental functioning has become even more public. Over the weekend, Ryan wrote about Republican pressure for Biden to take a cognitive test:

It didn’t take long for a growing list of Republicans to demand that Biden not only take a standard cognitive test but also release the full, unredacted results of the assessment to the American public, who deserve to know whether or not the leader of the free world is up to the task.

“The American people can see that Mr. Biden’s mental acuity is certainly in question,” Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.), a practicing surgeon and the GOP Doctors Caucus vice chairman, told Fox News. “What’s more disturbing to me, however, is the way in which this White House continues to deceive and misdirect the American people on a daily basis.”

More Republicans echoed Murphy’s thoughts on the matter.

“No amount of spin from the White House can justify President Joe Biden forgetting the tragic passing of Jackie Walorski — the latest gaffe that calls so much into question,” said Kyle Hupfer, the Indiana Republican Party chairman.


This is a real “Don’t start none, won’t be none,” scenario. Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media repeatedly called for Donald Trump to undergo cognitive evaluation when he was president. Trump was cognitively sound, of course; they simply didn’t like him.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is falling apart before our eyes.

I have no doubt that the upper echelon Democrats would love to send their Idiot King into early retirement. The select few who currently run President LOLEightyonemillion’s brain don’t, of course, but the rest of them do.

The 25th Amendment fantasy that the Democrats so often referenced when Trump was president would almost certainly come to fruition by their own hands with Biden were it not for one overwhelming “Oops” on the part of their pretender president.

Kamala Harris.

As I recently wrote here in this august space, Democrats don’t really like Madame Veep. She’s so toxic that, if they’re picking their poisons, the drooling fool in the Oval Office is still the best option.

Thus, the doom.

The Republicans can win everything in November, but Biden will still be in the White House. Legislative processes be damned, we live in the age of executive action. The commie cabal running his brain will have another two years to wreak havoc on the Constitution.

There are no lines of succession here that make things work out well in the short run. If this glorious experiment in freedom dies soon, it will be because the Democrats had everything their way.


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