The Morning Briefing: DeSantis Is Just Masterfully Trolling Impotent Libs Now

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Roderick shunned people who were dismissive of his conspiracy theory about the alien origins of Phyllis Diller.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s manhandling of pretty much all of the American left these past two years has been must-watch political theater. From the moment he opted to offer freedom to the citizens of his state rather than become a COVID panic-porn fascist, he’s been triggering Democratic politicians and the false narrative smear merchants in the mainstream media.

Much to the delight of those of us who are DeSantis fans, the idiots on the left keep coming back for more.

DeSantis got in on the recent Republican governor trend of sending illegal immigrants to areas run by Democrats by flying 50 of them to — and here’s the stroke of genius — Martha’s Vineyard.

That’s right, he sent them to the place where the liberal bleeding hearts are the bloodiest and full of the “migrants welcome” spirit.

The always overwrought progs in the tony resort community responded in a way that’s even a little nutsy for them. Ryan has the story:

The arrival of 50 illegal immigrants sent the island community full of ultra-wealthy residents, some of whom have served in the highest levels of U.S. government, into full-on emergency management mode, with Dukes County Emergency Management officials going as far as to declare the situation a “humanitarian crisis.” Seriously.

The county agency released the statement to update its progress on handling the “crisis” of finding enough room and resources for — gasp — 50 illegal aliens. There are likely enough guest houses alone on Martha’s Vineyard to hold several times that number.


It’s just popcorn-worthy at this point.

DeSantis has a tremendous gift for exposing Democrats’ ineptitude and hypocrisy, both of which are on display here. Fifty illegals are a crisis? Come visit Arizona and see what we’re dealing with here, you paste-eating commies.

The Hypocritical Ninny Theater provided a lot of entertainment, though, as our own VodkaPundit chronicled here.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott found a new twist on goading the libs as well, shipping a couple of buses of illegals to Vice President Kamala Harris’s official residence.

The beauty of the DeSantis move is that he only sent 50 people, and it triggered the libs into reacting as if he’d flooded Martha’s Vineyard with thousands of illegals. He is fully aware of just how easily he pushes their buttons, and it is obvious that he greatly enjoys doing it. He’s Lucy, and the Dems are Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.

Imagine how much more fun DeSantis’s trolling of the Dems is going to be after he cruises to reelection and they have to start worrying about him running for president in 2024.

Good times, indeed.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

It’s Friday Mailbag time! There’s never a dress code here. We ain’t fancy.


Let’s begin with this quick note from Chris:

Top o’ the morning, bottom of the evening and side of the afternoon to you!

I heard rumors that Gareth’s neighbor also had a possum that they named Schrödinger, because they could never tell if it was dead or alive.


I like the way some of you are bonding with the randos who populate the non sequitur. You’re either embracing the temporary escape or taking the first steps into checking out from reality altogether.

Warren writes:

Kruizer….Why do you think 9-11 seems to have faded into the past memory hole?
After the 20 year anniversary, (last year), it seems now to be a quaint old memory and Islam ain’t that bad!!!

We live in the era of short attention spans, which makes it difficult for even some people who want to hang onto memories to do so. Liberals live in an era of no attention span when it comes to important parts of American history. I often refer to them as the “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” people. Their slates are getting wiped blank every day.

Oh, and they’ve never thought that Islamic terrorists were bad.

This is from Tina:

I’m a MAGA conservative of the “blue haired crowd.” The effort to paint us as the violent extremists in politics definitely must be met full force. My thought was challenge the big mouths to produce a list of examples to prove the point. I in turn would produce mine. If only I had a string of billboards…or a giant MAGAphone!


I enjoy your work. Don’t get out much anymore

Let’s get you some billboards! And I’m glad you’re getting here, at least.

Here’s part of a long email from Damon:

Greetings from Houston Mr. Kruiser! 

So, sometimes I wonder what would have happened under certain circumstances. What if Hitler hadn’t changed his last name from Schicklgruber? What if Napoleon had defeated Russia? What if Taylor Swift and John Mayer had lived happily ever after?

And of course . . . what if Trump had beaten Biden  was in the White House for four more years?

More intriguing: What if there was a time machine and Hitler hooked up with Taylor Swift and they stayed together forever? The songs they could have written!

Also, Trump will be in the White House for four more years.

Thanks to all who wrote this week. Please keep those cards and letters coming. Let’s meet for coffee soon.

Everything Isn’t Awful

This is my cat.

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