The Morning Briefing: Biden to Spend His Summer Lying Even More About the Economy

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Top O’ the Briefing.

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Clarence spends a little too much time reminding everyone he’s not lactose intolerant, he’s merely lactose indifferent.


It’s very rare that the universe presents me with a theme for the day like it did yesterday. Before I got to my PJ Media duties I was working on the June budget and lamenting the fact that the grocery portion of it has been growing like the belly of a woman who’s pregnant with triplets.

After that, I was ordering some groceries from Instacart because I prefer to avoid stores and people. I buy the same things over and over so I know what they cost. Right after I discovered that both vodka and cat litter (yeah, judge me) had seen price hikes last week I hit the news and read about one of Biden’s economic lackeys flailing about inflation.

Then it was time to read the various newsletters (all of which are inferior to this one) that I peruse every day. Politico‘s Playbook laid out President LOLEightyonemillion’s summer plans, which Matt wrote about:

Joe Biden’s biggest problem, amongst so many other slightly less big problems, is the economy. While all other efforts have failed to reset his presidency and bring up his poll numbers, his handlers at the White House have a new plan that I’m sure we all believe deep down in our hearts will actually work this time.

According to Politico’s Playbook newsletter released Tuesday, Joe Biden will pivot to the economy in June in a desperate bid to “convince skeptical voters that, despite their current misgivings, the economy is actually doing quite well.”

In other words: The economy is doing great and if you can’t see that, you’re stupid.


As Matt goes on to point out, Team Puppet President has been wearing out this tired shtick for a while. While we’re all dealing with things like paycheck-draining trips to the grocery store and gas station, the administration insists on telling us that we just don’t understand how good we have it.

Last June I wrote that even Axios had to admit that the American public wasn’t buying any of this. The Biden administration is so monumentally detached from reality that it hopes a year of increasing economic burdens has made us dumber.

Because I’m a problem-solver who cares, I came up with what I thought was a good way for the D.C. elite to do some penance for lying to us:

I’ve been writing for almost a year that macroeconomics lectures from the D.C. ivory tower don’t comfort us regular folk who — unlike anyone in Washington — actually have to stick to our budgets. It looks like even the leftist Dem cheerleaders at Politico are figuring that out. More from Matt’s post:

Even Politico acknowledged that this strategy is likely to backfire. “Polling has shown that voters’ top concerns this year are the economy and inflation. Telling them that their day-to-day worries are not supported by macroeconomic data — or, as Biden writes, that ‘the U.S. is in a better economic position than almost any other country’ — is risky and could come across as tone-deaf, something frontline Democrats in swing districts have been concerned about.”


That Biden and his handlers think they can put lipstick on this pig of an economy is proof they’re not really operating in reality. In fact, Ol’ Gropes thinks he’s having a heckuva presidency and can’t understand why Americans don’t see that.

Biden administration officials keep telling us they have a plan to handle inflation. Lying isn’t a plan.

They’ve been doing it for so long though they no doubt believe it is.

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