The Morning Briefing: WAR—With a Weakling in the Oval Office, Putin Does What He Wants

Sergey Guneev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The otter in the corner never knows what we’re having for dinner.

After sitting on a plane in Dallas for almost two hours waiting for the wings to be de-iced, I finally made it to Orlando for all of the CPAC fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if the week finished up with a bunch of us throwing war whoops from a roller coaster and not having any clue about how we got there.


Yeah, we’re gonna have fun.

My distant relatives in Ukraine, however, are not.

Mean Uncle Vlad Putin finally did what we all knew he was going to do, which Cameron covered for us last night:

American liberals will no doubt say that the blithering idiot in the Oval Office had nothing to to with Putin’s flex. I think we all know, however, that Uncle Vlad probably wouldn’t be so bold if the United States of America had a functional president. As we discussed yesterday, when the resident of the White House is a weak leftist, the bad people in the world tend to have a field day.

America’s “babbling senility” foreign policy approach under Biden has greatly destabilized the entire planet. All free countries are less secure when the most powerful person on Earth isn’t powerful at all.

But hey, no mean tweets, right?

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