The Morning Briefing: Democrats' Statue Removal Fetish Is Clinically Insane

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m working out the particulars of hitting the road in an Amish tour bus.


The Briefing is coming to America from Ann Arbor, Mich., today. I love this city, even though it’s polluted with actual communists. The Americans and capitalists are still winning for the moment, however. Last night I was at a restaurant searing slices of Kobe beef to perfection on a 750-degree stone, very much enjoying that we are still the land of the free.

Also, that was my first experience with Kobe beef, and I’m still processing it emotionally. All good.

Production note: there will be a Thanksgiving Day Briefing, as well as one on Black Friday. Why take days off when you’re doing something you love?

Democrats and other left-leaning types are forever looking for empty secular and political affectations to make them appear to be virtuous. They have to do this because there is nothing inherently virtuous in Godless leftism. Pretending that you’re a decent human being because you foot-stomped over a political issue is so much easier than actually being a decent human being, after all.

One of the biggest moves by the  Democrats to say “Look at me, I’m super good and stuff!” in recent years has been the removal of statues that they deem offensive. Bear in mind that the leftist mission statement is “Let’s Find Something to Ramp Up Our Butthurt Today.” Being offended is their raison d’être.


Seriously though, they have a weird statue thing.


A statue of Thomas Jefferson had stood in the chambers of the New York City council for 187 years. But a mayoral commission formed by Mayor Bill de Blasio determined that because America’s third president and author of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves, he should be banished to the New York Historical Society — the only group who cares enough about history to keep him.

The statue was treated with a lot more care and reverence than the mayoral commission treated Mr. Jefferson’s memory.

It’s one thing to make a case for not wanting statues that celebrate the Confederate States of America around, but canceling Thomas Jefferson moves us onto the slipperiest of slopes.

I never really grasped the old phrase “throw the baby out with the bathwater” until the Democrats started doing stupid things like this. Perhaps it’s a good time to take a step back, and maybe even a breath, to see the bigger picture here.

Sadly, we will never be able to teach Democrats things like context or history because both are anathema to what they’re trying to accomplish. Thomas Jefferson has to be bad because Critical Race Theory has to be good.

Getting rid of his statue is merely the first step in getting rid of all of the good parts of his history.

Once the primary composer of The Declaration of Independence is gone, the commie freak flags get to fly.


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