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[WATCH] Arrest of Waukesha Parade Attacker Caught on Doorbell Camera Moments After Rampage

Image via YouTube

A newly released Ring doorbell video reportedly shows the arrest of Waukesha holiday parade rampage suspect Darrell E. Brooks. The video was given to NBC News by 24-year-old Daniel Rider, who said he has only lived in the Milwaukee suburb—about half a mile from the parade route—since March of 2020.

According to the time stamp on Rider’s video, the footage was taken only minutes after Brooks intentionally drove his red SUV into the crowded parade route killing five people and injuring at least 48 others.

In the video, Brooks knocks on Rider’s front door saying he is homeless and needs help calling an Uber. “Hey, I called an Uber and I’m supposed to be waiting for it over here but I don’t know when it’s coming. Can you call it for me please?” Brooks asks.

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Rider, who had just returned from a weekend hunting trip, said he was at home watching a football game when Brooks knocked on his door. He was unaware of what had happened in town just 20 minutes earlier.

Brooks “didn’t have any shoes on” and he was only “wearing a t-shirt and it’s freezing cold out” in November in Wisconsin. Eventually, Rider invited Brooks into his house, giving him a coat and a sandwich before Brooks also borrowed his phone. Rider said it was then he began to notice police cars driving around the neighborhood but he was still unaware of what had happened at the parade because he’d been watching football and Brooks was using his phone, which was now getting shelter-in-place alerts.

“So I still am oblivious to anything happening in Waukesha and all of a sudden I look outside my street and I see a few cop cars drive by and I’m getting extra nervous,” Rider told NBC News. “I was already nervous, to begin with with him being in the house. So I saw cop cars drive by and I tell him, ‘You gotta get out of my house now.’ And so he was actually pretty compliant. He said ‘Are you sure? Why what’s going on? What’s going on.’ I said, ‘You gotta leave. You gotta leave.'”

Brooks was arrested on Rider’s porch shortly after that. His Uber car arrived just as he was put in handcuffs. Thank goodness for slow service. Imagine if Brooks had gotten in that Uber–authorities might still be looking for him today.

The lone suspect in Sunday’s deadly parade rampage, Brooks made his first court appearance Tuesday. He will be charged with five counts of intentional first-degree homicide. Waukesha PD is continuing its investigation and prosecutors will most likely file an additional charge after the death of a sixth victim, 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, on Tuesday afternoon.

This is an ongoing story and PJ Media will continue to update it as new information becomes available.