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Panic Attack! POLITICO Warns Democrats Their 'Entire Brand' Is a 'Wreck'

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There’s a growing trend I’ve noticed these last few weeks of Democrats and Dem-friendly media elites giving stern warnings to the Biden White House that they’ve seriously screwed things up — and might not have enough time to unscrew them in time for the midterm elections.

Last week, I wrote a lovely little VIP piece on just that topic. If you’ll recall, Presidentish Joe Biden had been warned by Max Boot, progressive journalist Zaid Jilani, and Walter Shapiro that he was enabling Republicans, creating chaos at home and abroad, and being generally clueless about current political realities.

But none of those compare with what POLITICO’s David Siders had to say on Tuesday.

Siders got hold of a post-Virginia autopsy (so to speak) commissioned by Democrats to figure out what went wrong in the November 2 election there. What they found, according to Siders, was that “the Democratic Party’s entire brand was a wreck.”

Lefty political group Third Way used polls and focus groups to find out what Virginia voters thought about Democrats, locally and nationally.

“Voters couldn’t name anything that Democrats had done, except a few who said we passed the infrastructure bill,” Third Way concluded. I bet you’d also find that voters are skeptical about the benefits of the so-called infrastructure bill, which 9-to-1 spends on things that aren’t infrastructure.

It gets worse — or better if, like me, you aren’t a Democrat and stand against most everything they stand for:

Most of the voters Third Way spoke with in suburban Virginia focus groups, according to the report, “could not articulate what Democrats stand for. They could also not say what they are doing in Washington, besides fighting.”

And those were just the people who voted for Biden.


You’re probably already aware that polls give Republicans an unprecedented 10-point lead on next year’s generic ballot and that more than 60% feel the country is on the wrong track.

“That’s a poisonous environment for Democrats,” writes Siders, “and the remedy — if one even exists — isn’t clear.”

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Current Democrat policies, if you’ll allow me to be unmercifully brief in my summary, are:

  • To spend trillions we don’t have while inflation picks up speed
  • Wage war against concerned parents as domestic terrorists
  • Do nothing about our logistical snarls (for fear of offending unions and other Dem groups)
  • Fomenting a race war Manson would be proud of, apparently
  • End American energy independence while fuel prices are rising

Arguably worse, is trash like this:

We’re still 4.2 million jobs short of the pre-pandemic high, economic growth is not good once inflation is taken into account, and small businesses got crushed by Democrats during the pandemic.

People know these things because they feel it in their pinched paychecks and see it in the still-empty storefronts, every single day.

Either the White House is completely tone-deaf or they honestly have no clue about what real Americans have experienced since Biden took office (with the accent on “took”).

Americans are a forgiving people, but we’re also the people who coined the aphorism, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Mistakes, we can forgive. Treating us like idiot children, not so much.

Maybe that’s why Siders included this line in his piece: “Following the House’s passage of the social spending package on Friday, one Democratic strategist who advises major donors said, ‘Too late. We’re f—ed.'”

“A lot can change between now and election day,” is what Fully Licensed and Accredited Opinion Writers of America™ are required to add at this point in any election-related column.

That said, the sternness of the warnings being given by Democrats, combined with the tin ear of this administration, makes me think that if things change for Democrats between now and election day, they will only change for the worse.