Dear Joe Biden: Do Yourself a Favor and Quit

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Dear Mr. Presidentish Joe Biden,

You might not be fully aware of it, much like a sleepy toddler doesn’t quite grasp quantum mechanics, but you and your administration are in serious trouble.

It isn’t news to me or a growing majority of Americans that you’ve pursued bad policies and executed them badly. How bad? How badly? Voters in heavily Democrat Columbia, S.C. just elected a Republican mayor — after awarding you a massive 68% of the vote in 2020.

But it really hit home, Mr. Presidentish, just how in you are over your head when I came across a detailed and moving essay by Zaid Jilani, published just a few days ago.

Jilani should be a political ally of yours. He’s worked for UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, The Intercept, and the Center for American Progress — pretty much the CV for the hopeful young Progressive.

Yet even Jilani argues that you haven’t delivered the “competence” you promised as a “stable, experienced leader.” Instead, Jilani says, you’ve brought little but “chaos.”

The botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the crisis at the border, inflation, and the ongoing pandemic have shattered Biden’s image as a competent leader. Additionally, his decades in Washington have not prevented him from mismanaging issues like Afghanistan and the border, nor have they guaranteed his ability to get bipartisan legislation (notwithstanding the recently passed infrastructure bill) through Congress.

It isn’t just Jilani, either.

Max Boot is one of those progressives who the media pretends is a lot smarter than he actually is — you’d like him — because he’s also one of those fake conservatives who do nothing but spit on actual conservatives while promoting Democrat pet causes.

It takes a lot for a Democrat like you, Mr. Biden, to lose a bootlicker like Boot.

And yet… Boot took to the Washington Post a couple of days ago to whine that he’s “never been more worried about the future of the country than I am today.”

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The reason is recent polls showing that “registered voters prefer Republicans over Democrats in congressional races by 10 points. If the midterm elections were held today, the result would be a GOP landslide.”

That never happened to FDR, Joe.

While Boot (of course) paints Republicans (because he is one, really!) as evil monsters, the real problem, he implies, is the Biden Agenda:

The White House hopes to rally the public by passing the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act. But the passage of the infrastructure bill didn’t stop the slide in Biden’s support, and the Build Back Better Act probably won’t either. Recall the wipeout Democrats suffered in 2010 despite the Affordable Care Act.

“Despite?” Isn’t that adorable?

Adding insult to injury, Joe, Walter Shapiro just compared you to George W. Bush. Really. On your COVID bragging last summer, Shapiro wrote that your “July 6 celebration at the White House may be remembered as Biden’s ‘mission accomplished’ moment, akin to George W. Bush hailing victory in Iraq.”

Walter seems to have forgotten that “Mission Accomplished” was a banner hung by and for the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln, returning home from deployment to Iraq having accomplished their mission. More likely, Shapiro just chose to ignore the truth in order to shiv you with your fellow progressives who still buy the false narrative.

Ouch, right?

And if you thought the chaos you created on our southern border would endear you with Hispanic voters, think again.

You can still think, can’t you?

Regardless, my Townhall colleague Guy Benson reported on Wednesday that there seems to be a “right-trending political alignment among Hispanics.”

Turns out, Hispanics don’t like open borders — and they don’t like CRT, either.

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Which one of those policies are you going to come out against, Mr. Presidentish?

Also: Don’t shart your shorts in front of a British duchess and tell me it’s London fog.

What really has people angry though is inflation, which has risen to levels not seen in 30 years. First, you and your people said inflation wasn’t happening. Then you said it was happening, but not a big deal. Then you said it was a big deal but it would soon pass. Now you’re saying that fighting inflation is a top priority.

The lies aren’t helping — and neither are you, Joe. You’re crushing productivity while printing up trillions in new debt and spending. You’re putting out the fire with gasoline.

But I get it, I do. If you don’t issue all those climate-saving regulations (cough, cough) and distribute all the cash goodies to your most radical constituencies, they won’t vote for you in 2024 — and you can’t win without them. But if you don’t stop pissing off the entire rest of America with your bad policies, badly executed, then only the radicals will show up to vote for you.

Either way, you lose.

So why not take the tattered remnants of your legacy (which was shabby cloth to begin with) and retire early, while you still have some grace?

You can say you’re resigning for health reasons, or because you want to spend more time with the granddaughter whose existence you won’t publically acknowledge. I’m sure your speechwriters can come up with something poignant, even if it will sound like mashed potatoes when you read it off the teleprompter.

But get out now, while you still have some pride left.

It’s for your own good, really.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write a letter to Kamala Harris.


Your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit

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