The Morning Briefing: This Biden Agenda Stuff Doesn't Seem Very Popular

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I will continue to withhold my opinions about rutabagas.

There are very few constants in today’s tumultuous world, but one we can always count on is that — at any given moment — alleged President J.R. Biden will not be doing what’s best for the United States of America. Sure, the media will tell you that he is, but we are all familiar with the fact that they don’t hang around the truth much.


There was some cheerleading in several MSM outlets about the big week President LOL Eightyonemillion is supposed to be having right now. As I survey the news landscape, however, it appears that the Biden Way isn’t going so well.

Like a puppy who got into the chocolate while being left alone in the house all day, Biden’s mess is everywhere.

The border chaos that he created never gets any better, it just has degrees of severity that ebb and flow from week to week. Thankfully, Republican governors have been doing Biden’s job for him on this one.

Most of Biden’s present priorities are about as popular as multiple STDs burning through an all-inclusive resort.

Take for example his vaccine mandate fetish, the opposition to which his dutiful media lapdogs continue to frame as some right-wing nutjob political fight. There is, however, ongoing evidence to the contrary. Athena wrote about the most recent example:

Thousands of New York City municipal workers held a rally and marched over the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday in protest of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new COVID vaccine mandate.

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, de Blasio announced that all city workers must receive at least one shot by Nov. 1 or go on unpaid leave until they complied. The only exception was granted to Corrections Officers, who have until Dec. 1 to get their first shot, due to staffing shortages and chronically poor working conditions.

The protestors carried handmade signs that read “We’re Not Going to Take It,” My Body, My Choice,” and “We Tested Positive for Freedom.” A large banner, adorned with the logos of nine city agencies, read, “Workers Are Essential. Mandates Are Not.” American flags were in abundance.


Let’s not quibble about the fact that Bill de Blasio was the one who issued this particular mandate. We all know that he’s merely a Democratic minion who follows orders from on high. For those of you who haven’t been to New York City, I should explain that it is almost certain that the majority of these disgruntled municipal employees are not right-wing nutjobs.

In Washington, Biden’s big move to expand the federal government is being tripped up by two senators who are actually the moderates that he pretended to be while running for president. His “leadership” hasn’t provided many kumbaya moments for Democrats in Congress.

Stacey wrote an excellent assessment yesterday of the current state of all things Biden. Here’s a snippet:

Biden’s entire agenda is underwater, with 64% of Americans believing the country is headed in the wrong direction. During the same period in 2020 when parts of the country were still in lockdown and there were no vaccines available, 6% fewer Americans felt this way. Despite a +2% plurality agreeing with a “whole of government approach” to climate change, it never polls as a top priority. Continued inflation in energy prices is likely to diminish that slight edge. Continue to increase the price of a burger based on climate change, and it will really tank.

Only 34% approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, perhaps because 66% of Americans expect to be paying more for groceries a year from now and 53% report changing their eating habits already. Rasmussen reports the fifth month of decline in their Consumer Confidence Index. It hit a high of 147.8 in January of 2020. It is now 96.6.


Any Americans who can see Biden getting us out of his nightmare are high on drugs that we regular folk don’t have access to. At this point, the only one in this country who is happy about this presidency is Jimmy Carter, who knows he will no longer be judged as the most train wreck president of the last 100 years.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and Joe Biden will tank his own presidency before he tanks the country.

Dream big.

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