The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 74: A Lawyer's Perspective on the Family Court Cartel

(PJ Media)

This week on The Fringe, I speak to attorney Sean Kuhlmeyer in Washington state. Kuhlmeyer has been through his own protracted affair with divorce court and knows the problems intimately—but from a lawyer’s perspective. Join us as we go over updates in the Burkhart v. Adkins case where “reunification” therapist Cynthia Buckley has called police on the children for “not listening to their mother” among other hotly contested topics like “parental alienation.”

Is parental alienation worse than child abuse? What about the abusers who use it to get access to their victims? Is there any way that fathers’ rights groups and mothers’ rights groups can ever come together on these issues? Join the conversation below and let me know your thoughts. Enjoy the show!