The Kruiser Kabana Episode 156: Bring Your Darkness to My Party Gulag

I get asked a lot lately whether or not comedy might be dead because it seems like we’re not allowed to joke about anything anymore. Maybe the namby-pamby comics can’t joke about anything anymore, but everything is still on the table for me. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s because everybody still really has a sense of humor and most of the time it’s a sick one.

Everybody has something in the dark recesses of his or her mind that they kind of wish didn’t make them laugh but does every time. My job is to travel directly to those dark recesses, find out what that is, and make the joke

It’s a service I provide because I care, people.


Of course, you have to come see me live for that to happen. Just thought I’d tease a little here though.

Also, I explore the concept of a self-gulag. I figure it’s better to preemptively send myself to a gulag than wait to have someone do it for me. As I explored the concept, I started to think I could make it fun. I like making things fun.

Give me the chance to make things fun.