Insanity Wrap: Enjoy the Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

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Welcome to Insanity Wrap, your weekly dose of the best of the worst. The New York Times admitting this will be the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever is today’s big crazy.



  • Don’t worry, miss, it doesn’t actually grow back
  • #BeagleLivesMatter
  • Biden coughs up another gem

Before we get to today’s big story, here’s a short video to make you lose whatever little faith you might still have in humanity.

This Is Not a Sane World, Exhibit #1,000,006

Primary Response: Insanity Wrap assumes that this young lady has been trolled mercilessly by her boyfriend, whom we’d love to buy a beer.

Alternate Response: Excuse us, we have an appointment.

The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Ever
(Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay.)
This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast Will Wallop the Wallet

It seems like only yesterday that Insanity Wrap was basking in the glory of the 16 cents we saved on Independence Day by serving up the lamest celebration eats since Moby’s Very Vegan Christmas TV holiday special.

But July 4 was long enough ago now that no one — not even the White House or its house organ, the New York Times — can deny that inflation is back and it’s real and it hurts.

Last week, Insanity Wrap presented you with a brief history of the Left’s move from inflation denial to inflation acceptance:


For some, they’ve moved from acceptance to embracement: High Oil Prices Can Help the Environment.

Four/five/six-dollar gas is just the tithe you should be happy to pay to appease Gaia.

Now this, courtesy of the Acceptance Wing of the NYT:

Nearly every component of the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, from the disposable aluminum turkey roasting pan to the coffee and pie, will cost more this year, according to agricultural economists, farmers and grocery executives. Major food companies like Nestlé and Procter & Gamble have already warned consumers to brace for more price increases.

Granted, last year the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 was the lowest it had been since 2010, according to the American Farm Bureau, whose annual survey of large dinners will be released Nov. 18. But because of the pandemic, fewer people bought for big gatherings, and turkey prices were kept low to entice shoppers. This year, turkey prices are likely to hit record highs, and the cost of many foods has jumped sharply.

The author of this piece, Kim Severson, pointed a lot of fingers, blaming bad weather, “premiumization” of Thanksgiving items, surging energy costs, labor shortages, and logistical issues with imports.

It’s all true, too.

What Severson didn’t mention, however, is that those last three items can be blamed directly on Presidentish Joe Biden and his administration’s ineptitude when it comes to logistics, outright hostility towards domestic energy production, and its overeagerness to give people too much money to go too long without looking for work.


To Severson’s credit, at least she didn’t try to put a positive spin on what’s going to be the most expensive Thanksgiving ever.

So Insanity Wrap will step up and do it for her!

Look at it this way: The extra money you spend on Thanksgiving this year can come out of the money you won’t spend on Christmas presents you can’t find.

#BuildBackBetter or whatevs.

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Manners Maketh Man

Who does that?

It occurs to Insanity Wrap that LBJ was infamous for showing off his (reportedly impressive) schlong as part of his many dominance games…

…but at least he didn’t make people shake hands with it.

The Craziest Person in the World (This Week)

Loudon County Trans Sex Assault
(Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay.)
Judge Rules Loudoun County Teen Sexually Assaulted Female Student in Girls’ Bathroom

Insanity Wrap dearly hates this story, so we’ll try to keep this item brief and to the point:

Ruling on a the case that has seized national attention and reinvigorated debate over parental rights in public education, a Virginia juvenile court judge concluded Monday that a transgender teenager sexually assaulted a female student in a Loudoun County high school in May. [Emphasis added for reasons about to become clear.]

Chief Judge Pamela L. Brooks found there was sufficient evidence to determine the individual guilty of sexual assault.

The decision comes after the Daily Wire revealed spoke to the victim’s father, who said the male student forcibly sodomized his ninth-grade daughter in a school bathroom while wearing a skirt.


Plus: “The teenager, now 15, is also charged with the sexual assault of another student that occurred months later at a different Loudoun school.”

Something needs to be said quite clearly: Only parents have rights when it comes to their children’s education (aside from the kids themselves, of course).

Governments have powers, not rights, and those powers are subject to the will of the people.

And we, the people, are rightly pissed off at a public education system that caters to rapists and sacrifices our daughters on the altar transgenderism — all while claiming the moral high ground and demanding that we sit down and shut up about it.

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Your Weekly Dose of Schadenfreude

Happy birthday, Madame Private Citizen Who Ought to Be in Prison!


-Insanity Wrap

One More Thing…

Beagle Lives Matter
(Seen on MeWe.)

And that’s as much as Insanity Wrap can say about that story without becoming extremely stabby.

That’s a Wrap for today.

Come back next week for another Insanity Wrap…

…assuming we make it that long.

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