The Morning Briefing: Yeah, Nobody Really Likes Kamala Harris

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The Kamala Harris Toxicity Strengthens

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Get to the point, Canada.

Let us ease into what will hopefully be an enjoyable weekend with a discussion of almost everyone’s least favorite American. I know that we all have opinions about who that could be, but we eventually end up pointing our fingers at the same person: alleged Vice President Kamala Harris.


When Harris’s current boss held her same job from 2009 to 2017, I used to say that having the Idiot Boy a heartbeat away from the presidency was the greatest security Barack Obama could have. Seriously, nobody wanted to see that in the Oval Office.

That was before the United States of America decided to take a trip through the looking glass.

That, as we are now painfully aware, is now squatting in occupying the Oval Office. One of our greatest fears has become true and, in classic Democrat fashion, they’ve found someone even worse to be Number Two than he was back in the day.

Biden ended up picking Kamala Harris as a running mate because he’d been studying the Book of Things Democrats Say and barfed up a diversity promise during a debate. Apparently, his entire team hadn’t paid any attention to the primary season that their boss had just triumphed in and was unaware that even Democrats don’t like Kamala Harris.


Our new colleague Lincoln Brown has a story about the Prom Queen Who Never Was:

Holy Corn Pop, Batman! Could there be trouble for them thar Dems? Maybe, but I doubt it. Hot on the heels of the news that the Harris/Biden White House’s popularity has dipped in the Golden State, the word is out that Democrats may be nervous about the Kamala Effect on the next election. A recent YouGov poll showed that unfavorable opinions of future President Kamala “25A” Harris hit a rate almost double that of favorable opinions. In fact, the Daily Caller reported her unfavorables at 46%Ditto from Real Clear Politics. And keep in mind that future former President Joe Biden’s approval ratings were down to from 56% in June to 50% as of July 21, according to Gallup.

So 25A’s ratings are even worse than Biden’s. With the midterms on the horizon, the smell of donkey sweat is becoming palpable. Since endorsements from an administration are often key to a campaign, an appearance by the VP could theoretically be problematic. I say theoretically, since the Ministry of Truth will certainly have multiple cracks at changing these numbers long before your local Democratic Party chairperson drops by your house to give you your vaccination and cast your ballot for you. So really, it may be a moot point. Team Harris has not commented. But then, given the work environment in the VP’s office, who could blame them?


Let us be honest here: Nobody wants to hear Madame Heartbeat Away cackling. At any time. Ever.

I’ve often said that even Kamala Harris doesn’t like Kamala Harris. Sure, I can be a little mean-spirited at times, but I’ll put good money on me being right about this one. She’s a rough sell to everyone. The two highest-paid people in America should be her publicist and Joe Biden’s ASL interpreter.

As Lincoln noted in his post, the Democrats are facing a midterm election cycle that, at present, is set up for them to be slaughtered. If they look to the top of their party for campaign support they see a drooling puppet who might start talking about intimate relations with a sea horse at any moment and a VP who more often than not sounds like she’s auditioning for the part of the Wicked Witch of the West in a reboot of The Wizard of Oz. That’s a big “Ouch!” right there.

The real reason Harris has the job is so the Dems can cut her loose to do whatever and then play both the racism and sexism cards if anyone dares to point out that she’s an awful human being. Still, that’s not going to help the Democrats much next year. At this point, it’s likely that DOCTOR Mama Jill will be sending Harris a truckload of jigsaw puzzles to keep her busy for a year or two.

Personally, I’d be more entertained if they tortured themselves to make her more palatable to the public.


You know, like they did with Hillary Clinton.

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