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Biden Sacrifices Military Readiness Despite Stats Showing Vaxxed People More Likely to Die from Bee Sting Than COVID

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Getting struck and killed by lightning is exceedingly rare. Everyone knows this. But vaccinated people have a higher chance of dying from a lightening strike than COVID-19. Or dying from a bee sting. Or dying from choking on a pretzel, like George W. Bush nearly did.

So, why is Joe Biden ignoring those odds and Americans’ liberty, while sacrificing military readiness based on these odds?

Add using a bogus study to support his case for crackdowns and you’ve got a real puzzler here.

Yet, here we are, talking about indoor mask mandates, closing schools again, sacrificing military readiness, and blaming both vaccinated and unvaccinated people — all because of the spike in cases from the latest strain of COVID.

The flip-flop on mask mandates and other guidance is based on what appears to be a bogus study out of India.

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The Washington Post reports that the “median age of those hospitalized with breakthrough infections is 74 … and … only 4 percent had no co-morbidities.”

So, where’s the major danger?

The president is using these data – and “proof” to be named later – to issue new “guidance” for all manner of federal employees.

Biden has ordered federal employees, even people who already got the virus and possess antibodies, to wear masks indoors again – and get vaccinated.

Worse, he’s ordering the military to get shots or subject themselves to mask wearing, no traveling, and getting tested twice a week. Even if they’ve had COVID.

This means the president is sacrificing military readiness, training tempo, and deployment schedules at the altar of a bogus study and the excruciatingly small odds of contracting COVID for people who have already had it or have been vaccinated.

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The Washington Post opinion columnist Mark Thiessen has done the world a favor and put in perspective the chances of vaccinated people dying from the latest strain of COVID or passing along the virus to others.

The data [are] clear: According to the CDC, as of July 19, a grand total of 4,072 vaccinated Americans had been hospitalized with symptomatic breakthrough infections, out of more than 161 million who have been fully vaccinated. That is a breakthrough hospitalization rate of less than 0.003 percent. Better still, of those hospitalized, only 849 have died of covid-19. That means the death rate from those breakthrough infections is 0.0005 percent.

To put that in perspective, your chance of dying from a lightning strike is .0007 percent, and your chance of dying from a seasonal flu is 0.1 percent. If you’re vaccinated, you have a much greater chance of dying from a hornet, wasp or bee string, a dog attack, a car crash, drowning, sunstroke, or choking on food than you do of dying from covid-19.

[…]According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the median age of those hospitalized with breakthrough infections is 74. An Israeli study of patients hospitalized with breakthrough infections found that only 4 percent had no co-morbidities.

In short, people who have been vaccinated for COVID are more likely to die of:

  • Lightning Strike
  • Seasonal Flu
  • Bee [Wasp, Hornet] Sting
  • Dog Attack
  • Car Crash
  • Drowning
  • Sunstroke
  • Choking on Food

… and probably a bunch of other stuff than the latest strain of the COVID virus.

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Put another way, you might win the lottery before you lose your life from COVID if you’ve been vaccinated, but sure, let’s sacrifice military readiness and freedom for Americans for very little risk.