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Police Dog Stabbed 3 Times, Survives; His Attacker Was Not So Lucky

(AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

Man’s Best Partner

Longtime loser Jacob Bender, hiding from police in a crawl space, was shot and killed after stabbing a K-9 three times. It was the 19th time the cops had been called to his home since August 2020.

Home Sweet Home

The situation unfolded in Gobles, Michigan, a tiny town in the western part of the state, famous, famous, famous for meth and an exploding meth lab. Gobles is home to 798 people, 26 of whom are registered sex offenders. That’s a 32-1 ratio of non-sex offenders to sex offenders. That means sex offenders make up 3.26% of the population. ranks Gobles a 61 out of 100 in “livability.”

Things Get Real

Police responded to a domestic violence call at 9:30 pm last Monday. Bender’s wife led them to a crawl space, where she claims Bender hides whenever the police show up. When Bender refused to come out, Van Buren County sheriffs sent in K-9 Kuno to take care of business. Bender managed to stab the police dog three times. The deputies claim they then used a stun gun on Bender. That’s supposedly when Bender got out of the crawl space and charged the officers with his knife. He was promptly perforated.

Neighbor Shocked, Family “Not Surprised”

“Stuff like this just doesn’t happen, we never see anything like it,” Baylee Goff, a neighbor, told reporter Trisha McCauley, even though this shooting marks at least the sixth person killed by law enforcement in western Michigan in the last three months.

“He seemed like a nice person so it was a shock,” Jill Szotek, a neighbor, said, even though the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office claims they’ve been called to the home 19 times in the past year alone, most of those calls for domestic violence, and online records show Bender has been arrested several times before.

“I just hope the community and town can heal,” said Szotek, somehow forgetting that the community is brimming with methheads and sex offenders.

Bender’s family has a different story.

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“I knew that things were going to go in a bad direction, a negative direction,” said Ashley Cousins, ironically a cousin of the 39-year-old Bender. Finally someone who gets it.

“It was bound to end at some point. This was a bit much,” said Cousins. “Everyone is aware of it. Everybody is a little flabbergasted as to what happened and how it happened. Oddly enough, not surprised.” She also claimed she supports law enforcement.

Kuno Lives!

Kuno, a four-year veteran of the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office, was whisked to an emergency veterinary center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for surgery and is currently recovering at home with his handler. Kuno is seen below with several stab wounds.

Five K-9 officers have been killed in the line of duty since May.