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Video of Then-Senator Biden and Son Hunter on Crack Is Absolutely Brutal

Screenshot from brutal, factual video.

In the 1990s, former Senator Joe Biden and other Democrats led the way on a law to enforce mandatory minimum jail sentences for crack users. It resulted in untold thousands of black and brown men and women winding up in prison while cocaine users, if they were caught at all, received less severe punishment.

The 1994 crime bill, passed in early November 1993, was approved by a Democrat-led Congress and White House by a vote of 94 to 4 with one abstention.

Joe Biden, then head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made the case for the bill to save “my mother.”

He argued that crack users and dealers should be “cordoned off from the rest of society. They are in jail! Away from my mother, your husband, our families. They must be taken off the street!” he said in a staccato style he was fond of when he was of more sound mind.

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Biden called for taking everything they owned under asset forfeiture.

Now someone has taken Joe Biden’s words from the 1990s and juxtaposed them with the actions of his own son, admitted crack addict Hunter.

And, as my PJ Media colleague Matt Margolis notes, the senior Biden makes the case for locking up his own son.

Hunter has attempted to clean up his act and has gone to rehab multiple times. He admits to smoking nearly anything, including parmesan cheese, to feed his relentless habit.

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His crack-smoking, sexual exploits, and “other” photos and videos found on his laptop were turned over to the FBI because of the compromising position they put Hunter and the then-future president of the United States in.

Hunter’s depraved behavior and shady business dealings with Chinese and Ukrainian business interests, aided by his dad, have left the Biden bunch and the United States in the position of being blackmailed by individuals, oligarchs, and foreign governments.

Hunter’s antics and his dad’s positions on crime and crack are what make this video especially cringeworthy.

Absolutely brutal.