The Morning Briefing: Idiot Gramps Biden Can't Stay Up Past 10 AM So This Is Totally Normal

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Morning Joe Biden Strikes Again


I hope you are all having a happy one, my Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Remember when Fridays used to be slow news days? Knock on wood that this will remain a quiet one.


You know, I want to feel bad for the fact that Joe Biden’s evil wife keeps letting him embarrass himself in public, but then I remember that he wasn’t the greatest guy before becoming the medicated, senile shell of a human being that is currently running for president.

Harsh? Maybe.

Inaccurate? Not at all.

The charade is becoming more difficult for Team Harris-Biden to keep up these days. When Grandpa Gropes isn’t pathetically slurring his way through yet another teleprompter fail, his handlers have him on a short leash and are yanking him out of the spotlight well before lunchtime on a lot of days. But, hey, this is the guy who is supposed to become president and restore a sense of “normalcy” to America or some crap.

It’s looking more and more that the only thing that Biden can return to is bed very early every day.

Our own VodkaPundit Stephen Green wrote a post yesterday examining Biden’s inability to see the clock strike eleven on most mornings:

Presumably, Biden is so exhausted from his rigorous morning routine of plug and denture maintenance that he only has energy enough to campaign fewer than two out of every three days.

To his credit, Biden did manage to campaign for six days in a row during the first week of September. But since then, he’s ditched his own presidential campaign eight out of the last 18 days.

That’s not a good look for a man who is supposed to have energy enough to hold the most demanding office in the world.

I had a conversation with Bill Whittle on this same topic earlier this week, and Bill reminded me of his newly minted Whittle’s Law: When they let the optics look this bad, it’s because the alternative optics would look even worse.


There was a lot of talk — in conservative media anyway — back in 2016 about Hillary Clinton’s obviously frail health. Granny Maojackets was an Olympic decathlete compared to the drooling, doddering freak that is Joe Biden in 2020.

Ever-derelict in their duties, American mainstream media isn’t remarking at all about this low-T campaign that Biden is running. If Biden were a Republican, they would be in an almost sexual frenzy speculating about his decline and inability to campaign.

 (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Mr. Green also notes in his post that Biden’s commie sidekick running mate hasn’t exactly been picking up his slack:

Deepa Shivaram is NBC’s embed with the Harris half of the campaign and she tweeted on Tuesday that “the senator has not once formally taken questions from the press.”

These are truly nightmarish times that we are living in when millions of people are going to vote for a ticket that they are too embarrassed to have seen in public. They’re doing it simply because they’re fueled by an unnatural hatred for the president. It’s a rage that’s fueled by media lies too. Every one of my Democrat friends whom I’ve spoken with recently has ticked off a laundry list of reasons that they were outraged over Trump and none of them have been factual.

Well, at least we know that Joe Biden won’t be losing any sleep over it.

Jill Biden Wants to Trash Her Husband’s Dignity to Be Edith Wilson 2.0


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