The Morning Briefing: Liberals Use Death of President Trump's Brother to Reaffirm They're Classless Garbage

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Liberals Are the Worst

Happy Monday, and welcome to another day here in Kruiser Morning Briefing Land. Another week. Another something. We’re not really doing calendars anymore, are we?


Every so often I will begin to reminisce about the way politics used to be in this country, when I would regularly have conversations with people on the other side of the aisle and they weren’t fraught with emotion. There was always some common ground to be found somewhere. It may have been the tiniest patch of ground, but we could always find it.

As I have mentioned many times, I am a lifelong conservative who has managed to survive in the ultra-liberal entertainment industry for decades, so it’s not as if I’m some reactionary hothead who can’t get along with people I don’t agree with politically.

What I’ve seen from liberals in the Trump era, however, has brought me more than a little dismay. On an individual basis, I still get along with a lot of my liberal friends and relatives. I just spent Saturday hanging out with the most liberal of my liberal cousins and we had a great time.

Collectively, though, it gets a little weird. OK, a lot weird.

When I see liberals I know participating in their online hive-mind they become different people altogether. It’s as if they have to out-awful each other just to maintain some sort of liberal street cred. I have friends I know to be reasonable liberals who then become hideous human beings on Facebook or Twitter.

A little over two weeks ago when Herman Cain passed away, we covered the vile reaction among liberals to the news here in the Briefing. Social media was a veritable feeding frenzy of awfulness. It wasn’t just garden-variety trolls who were participating, but members of the liberal media as well.


The passing of President Trump’s brother Robert this past weekend gave them a chance to flock to their computers and resume their places as heartless bottom-feeders.

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America’s enlightened, tolerant liberals decided that the best way to respond was to wish death upon the president.

Matt detailed the emotionally stunted reactions here. Honestly, I’m almost embarrassed for these people at this point. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is in its advanced stages and most of them are beyond help.

Long before Donald Trump became president, liberals had an awful tendency to politicize virtually everything. It was an irritating quirk back then; now it’s a pathological tragedy. One has to be a very small person to immediately use the death of another human to try and score political points.

When I see things like this happen — and they do a lot these days — I have no interest in any sort of bipartisan outreach. I don’t have anything in common with people who behave like that. I don’t want to have anything in common with people like that.

Of course, liberals will tell you that they’ll be just fine once Orange Man Bad is out of the White House, but there is no indication that they can reclaim the humanity they’ve lost.

For their sake, I hope they can though.

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Let’s try to keep things real until at least Wednesday at 2:32 PM PDT.


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