Hollywood Dreams, Hollywood Nightmares: The Fall of Tinsel Town

Hollywood Dreams, Hollywood Nightmares: The Fall of Tinsel Town
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For more than 100 years, Hollywood has been synonymous with dreams. Dreams of wealth, dreams of love, and dreams of heroes, Hollywood embodied something truly, uniquely American. The idea that you could be someone else, somewhere else, and be well and truly accepted.


It’s hard to imagine anything else that says “America” quite like Hollywood. And now, ruinous liberal policies and the coronavirus have combined to virtually wipe Hollywood and Los Angeles off the face of the map and replace them with a dystopian nightmare that is now the playground of addicts and whores.

Daily Mail:

A makeshift tent city made up of flapping tarpaulins and cardboard boxes surrounds the gym on all sides.

Junkies and the homeless, many of whom are clearly mentally ill, walk the palm-lined streets like zombies – all just three blocks from multi-million-dollar homes overlooking the Pacific.

Stolen bicycles are piled high on pavements littered with broken syringes.

And people are beginning to vote with their feet.

TV bulletins are filled with horror stories from across the city; of women being attacked during their morning jog or residents returning home to find strangers defecating in their front gardens.

Today, Los Angeles is a city on the brink. ‘For Sale’ signs are seemingly dotted on every suburban street as the middle classes, particularly those with families, flee for the safer suburbs, with many choosing to leave LA altogether.

British-born Danny O’Brien runs Watford Moving & Storage. ‘There is a mass exodus from Hollywood,’ he says.

Mr. O’Brien is no dummy. He’s also planning a move to Tennessee as the rich and middle class flee from the incomprehensible policies of Democrats.


‘Liberal politics has destroyed this city,’ he says. ‘The homeless encampments are legal and there’s nothing the police can do. White, affluent middle-class folk are getting out. People don’t feel safe any more.’

The name Lou Ferrigno might be familiar. He starred in the 1970s TV series The Incredible Hulk playing Bill Bixby’s alter ego. Donald Trump appointed him to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition 2018.

He, too, is heading for the hills. But not before his wife was shocked out of her shoes at what she saw one morning from her picture window.

Carla says: ‘One morning around 7am I opened the curtains in our beautiful Santa Monica home and looking up at me from our driveway were three gang members with tattoos on their faces sitting on our retaining wall. They were cat-calling me and being vulgar. I motioned I was going to call the police and they just laughed, flicking their tongues at me and showing me their guns.’

Her husband added: ‘We put the house up for sale after 40 wonderful years and moved north. We feel lucky to have made it out. Now we are in a wonderful place and very happy.’

It’s a sad tale made even sadder because everyone in Christendom knows it didn’t have to be this way. It was completely avoidable. Liberal environmental and housing policies made owning a home in the city outrageously expensive. This led to a homeless problem that has worsened over the past five years. The problem could have been dealt with intelligently. Instead, every crazy, cockamamie liberal social experiment has been foisted on the homeless, allowing them to sleep anywhere, defecate anywhere, break the law with impunity.


What liberals don’t get is that laws against vagrancy, public urination, and defecation allow the vast majority of other city residents a simple, safe, and clean quality of life. That the liberals in charge of the city are unable to give that to people is the reason so many are leaving.

Those are voters who are packing up and leaving — voters who, if they stuck around, might have voted the numbskulls currently in power out of office. But by then, it would have been too late.

Hollywood is, for all intents and purposes, about to become a footnote in history.

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