The Kruiser Kabana Episode 60: RedState's Kira Davis On Kamala and the Technological Leap Forward in Homeschooling

The Kruiser Kabana’s very first interview and repeat guest has now become our first threepeat guest.

As soon as Biden announced that he’d chosen Kamala Harris I knew that I would want to talk to Kira about it. She’s still stuck in the People’s Republic of California and, as you all know, I was there for almost a quarter of a century. We’re painfully aware of Sen. Harris’s myriad annoying flaws — both personal and political — in ways that non-Californians just aren’t. We’ve been subjected to this woman for a lot of years.

Kira also explains the leaps and bounds homeschooling has made in recent years, and why homeschooling in 2020 is better equipped to rapidly adapt to education in the COVID environment than most public schools are. It was an eye-opener.

Back to the Kamala Harris pick. Like most in political media, I’ve written a lot about the choice this week. Honestly, I’m still mystified by it. I said during this episode that I am open to suggestions as to why Biden chose her and I meant that. Feel free to brainstorm away and let me know what you think.

Both of today’s topics of conversation were prompted by Kira’s Twitter feed, which is always one of the best.

Kira is also the editor-at-large at our sister site RedState and you can keep up with all she does over there here.

My friend the content machine also hosts a podcast called “Just Listen to Yourself with Kira Davis” which you can find on Spotify.

Kira and I always have fun when we’re together. I can’t wait until we can record one of these live from an adult watering hole. I need to get some episodes like that out there for all of you fine — and as Kira pointed out — attractive people.

Thanks again, my VIP friends. You’re the best!


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