The Morning Briefing: Idiots at USA Today Apparently Ignorant of the American Eagle

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The Eagle Has Landed

We certainly didn’t have to wait long this week for someone in the mainstream media to step in it and embarrass themselves because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. USA Today decided to fact-check claims that some Trump campaign swag was Nazi because it featured — and I kid you not — an American eagle.


Before we delve into this lunacy about the eagle in question, it should be noted that USA Today is the CNN of newspapers. Just as CNN would have no audience whatsoever if it weren’t being broadcast to people stuck in airport terminals, USA Today wouldn’t have any readership if it weren’t being given away for free in hotels all over the country. Honestly, I rarely read it when I’m on the road and it’s delivered to my hotel room door every weekday.

It’s also rather laughable that the paper was presenting this as a “fact-check.” Trump must be the most fact-checked president in history. Barack Obama enjoyed eight years of a fact-free presidency while never, ever being fact-checked by the swooning MSM.

Back to the eagle. Victoria has the full story here, and I think her opening paragraph sums it up nicely:

It’s official, the useful idiots on the Left and never-Trumper clan have simply lost their damned minds. The American eagle on your money is now deemed a cancelable object because President Trump’s campaign store put an eagle on a tee-shirt that they claim, if you squint your eyes and look a thousand yards out there somewhere there’s a Nazi symbol.

The Bald Eagle was chosen as the national symbol back in 1792, so it’s not like all of this snuck up on USA Today. This “fact-check” is indicative of how invested the MSM is in keeping this “all Trump supporters are Nazi racists” false narrative going. Some idiot intern of theirs was probably watching Man in the High Castle, for the twelfth time while trolling the Trump campaign site and decided that the picture of the eagle on the t-shirt was literally Hitler or something.

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To say that the paper got dragged for this Nazi eagle nonsense on social media would be a monumental understatement. The morons stuck with the original post though. The USA Today Twitter account did issue a hilariously tone-deaf clarification that said, “Worth noting, the eagle is a longtime US symbol, too.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the social media millennial who wrote that tweet didn’t know that about the eagle until just then.

Twitter stepped up with a lot of eagle awareness help for USA Today. Looks like Granny Boxwine is a Nazi eagle fan too:

PJ Media Deputy Managing Editor Bryan Preston offered this:

As Victoria pointed out in her post, a similar eagle symbol is on our money. The United States Marine Corps also uses an eagle in its logo. Using the USA Today logic, Nazi eagles abound.

The patent absurdity of choosing a graphic of an eagle on a t-shirt to make the Orange Man Bad Nazi pitch would have been laughed off as a pathetic joke at a saner time in American history. What’s sad is that there wasn’t an adult anywhere in any room at USA Today to say, “Hey, maybe this isn’t a good idea.” As long as it’s dumping on Trump, every editor at every major newspaper in America thinks it’s a great idea.


The enemy of the people, indeed.

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