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Two South Texas Police Officers Killed In Ambush Saturday

Two South Texas Police Officers Killed In Ambush Saturday
Two McAllen, TX police killed in ambush.

Police officers put their lives on the line every single time they take a call or engage in a traffic stop.

Two McAllen, Texas officers responded to a domestic disturbance call Saturday afternoon. They never went home.


Two police officers were killed in a Texas border town Saturday in what authorities described as an ambush shooting.

The gunman later killed himself after engaging in a shootout with other responding officers, The Monitor of McAllen, Texas, reported.

The slain McAllen officers were identified as Edelmiro Garza, 45, and Ismael Chavez, 39. They were killed while responding to a domestic disturbance complaint, The Monitor reported.

The dead suspect had a criminal record going back to 2016 including a recent arrest.

The suspect was identified as Audon Ignacio Camarillo, 23, who was most recently arrested last month on assault charges, according to The Monitor.

According to McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez, the killer was waiting for the officers inside the house. When they arrived, he opened the door and opened fire.

According to Rodriguez, the officers answered a disturbance call in the vicinity of the 3500 block of Queta Street at about 3:30 p.m. Saturday, initially meeting two individuals who reported assaults occurring inside a nearby home.

When officers tried to enter the home, the alleged shooter, whom police identified as 23-year-old Audon Ignacio Camarillo, opened fire.

“They were doing their job,” Rodriguez said. “That is what they were supposed to do. The person was a suspect of the incident, met our officers at the door, and shot at both officers. Both officers suffered fatal wounds, they have both passed away as a result…

“The officers never had a chance to suspect deadly assault on them, much less death.”


Officials offered the usual statements of prayers and support.

Every call police respond to can turn violent or even deadly, more so now that our cities and some states are largely abandoning their police officers to mobs. This fact must be factored in whenever police policies are considered. Every call can turn deadly — for the officers, who have families they would like to return home to.

Yet the mad drive to defund police continues.

In Minneapolis, the misruled city where all of this recent unrest started, the drive to defund police is already giving chaos free reign.

It takes a long time and hard work to build a civilization. It takes almost no time at all to destroy one.

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