Here's to the Whistleblowers

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Over the past few weeks, the American public has been alerted to unprecedented reports of governmental corruption, censorship, and crime. Depending on where your friends and family get their news, they may not have heard a peep about it from legacy media. Last week, we heard from two government whistleblowers who had first-hand knowledge of how the Biden Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service had been slow-walking investigations and inquiries into the crimes documented on the Hunter Biden laptop.


Then, as PJ Media’s Matt Margolis reported, “three whistleblowers, including a former military intelligence officer and a former Navy pilot, testified about a massive cover-up of UAPs, and their potential threat to national security.” These whistleblowers had personal encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) — the new name for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Congress demanded more transparency on UAP encounters that ranged from fly-bys to recovered “nonhuman biologics” to metallic fragments of crashed UAP crafts. The whistleblowers also revealed that it’s possible someone may have been mortally injured during these encounters and recoveries. Um, what?!

Next week we’re set to hear testimony from Hunter Biden’s (former?) business partner and best friend, Devon Archer. Archer is thought to have explosive and damning information regarding the shady business dealings of both Hunter Biden and Joe “The Big Guy” Biden. As Archer has backed out of three prior commitments to testify before Congress, time will tell if he will survive the weekend actually show up to blow the proverbial whistle on the Biden Crime Family.

But what exactly is a “whistleblower”? According to Merriam-Webster, the term was first used in the early nineteenth century to mean exactly what it sounds like: “someone who blows a whistle.” Later the term became synonymous with literal whistle-blowing referees in sporting contests, which then morphed into metaphorical “whistleblowers” who “call public or official attention to something (such as a wrongdoing) kept secret.”


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Today, whistleblowers are usually protected by rules or laws, and for the most part, they are seen as brave individuals who stand up for what is right when they witness wrongdoing. That doesn’t, however, mean that’s always the case. Sometimes a whistleblower is seen as a tattletale or a traitor. And as with just about everything else they do, the Left hypocritically only celebrates whistleblowers who expose people they don’t like. Watch the supercut video below to see just a snippet of the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to whistleblowers who exposed the Right in 2019 versus whistleblowers who exposed the Left in 2023:

The contrast couldn’t be any more clear, could it? The Left hates whistleblowers who expose them and does everything they can to ridicule and discredit them. It’s disgusting.

So, here’s to the heroes — regardless of party — who stood up to the Leviathon that is the Biden Administration. They risked not only hard-earned careers and future security for their families but also their reputations and possibly even their very lives.


Here’s to the whistleblowers. All Americans owe them a debt of gratitude, whether the Left likes it or not. They were willing to risk it all to speak up. Are you willing to at least start fighting back by refusing to blithely accept what the Left is doing? If not, why not?

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