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The softening target.
"I don't understand why Bernie Sanders, who does not want to become a member of the Democratic Party, runs as a Democrat," says Meeks.
Republican "being approached from a lot of different people" about 2020 run and "I haven't thrown them out of my office."
Ranch lady is all of us right now.
If elected, Leftist Methuselah would be almost 80.
Gary Johnson took more votes from Trump than Hillary...
Tide pods, earmarks, and pizza as a vegetable., to name just three...
Changing the rules of the game while he's playing it.
"It would be better if everybody didn’t agree on everything all the time and did what they thought was right for the country,” says former DNC chairman.
Trump said he believes the New Jersey senator has "got no chance" of becoming president "because I know him."
Recent state initiatives have shifted the debate into territory advantageous for the GOP.