The Morning Briefing: LOL...Democrats Think Mayor Pete Is Their Great White Hope

The Morning Briefing: LOL...Democrats Think Mayor Pete Is Their Great White Hope
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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Stripes are not slimming and polka dots are often sexy.

It’s a lot of fun watching Democrats flail about these days. The poor dears expended so much political capital to fake Joe Biden into office that they now find themselves facing a tsunami of Republican butt-kickery next November.


Lately, it seems as if they know that next year is a lost cause and they have decided to focus on the 2024 presidential election. In a sane world, the incumbent president would be running for reelection, but we all know that President LOL Eightyonemillion isn’t going to make it that far.

This is where it gets fun.


In a recent poll, Vice President Kamala Harris scored a historically low approval rating of 28%. CNN also wrote an extensive article about the tension between Harris’s office and the West Wing staff. Panic among Democrats became visible in the media. Should President Biden fail to run for reelection (and most observers do not believe he will run), Harris should be the nominee. All indications, including polls showing Harris losing to President Trump if he earns the GOP nomination, are leading Democrats to look for other options.

So far, it seems that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is a media favorite. They seem to be glomming onto him with the same kind of adoration that they gave Elizabeth Warren until she flamed out in the 2020 Democratic primary. The corporate media loves people who went to their schools, worked at the same consulting firm as their brother, and adopt an academic tone in their progressivism. The fact that Buttigieg is openly gay, married, and had the unmitigated gall to take two months of paternity leave during a supply chain crisis just endears him to the coastal elites in the media even more.


PLEASE, Democrats, make Mayor Pete your champion.

The mere fact that the Democrats are awash in buyer’s remorse over Veep Kamala is, admittedly, fun to watch. They’re too stupid to understand that they twist themselves into knots when they lead with diversity as a criterion.

But I won’t talk them out of going down that path.

Pete Buttigieg is the prime example of how institutionally vapid the Democrats have become. He’s well educated but incapable of original thought. There are third-graders in America who could come up with better solutions to the supply-chain problem than he has.

Still, he’s a better option for the Democrats on the Diversity Bingo card than Kamala Harris. According to them.


Because Mayor Pete is kinda white and stuff.

If the Democrats want to run with “But he’s gay!” as proof of competence, then bless their hearts. He certainly isn’t doing the job that he has right now well. A casual glance backward at his tenure as mayor of South Bend, Indiana reveals that he wasn’t much good at that, either.

It’s sad that the Democratic Party has reduced itself to this. It’s also frightening, given the Democrats’ ability to cheat their way through an election. They may very well be able to fraud their way into putting Mayor Mundane Pete into office.

We’ll probably all miss Biden then.


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