'Five O'Clock Somewhere' Live Chat with Kruiser, VodkaPundit, and Secret Special Guest - Replay Available

The lovely VodkaWife™ is visiting her best friend in North Carolina for a few days, so I’m living the single dad lifestyle.

Will you find crushed Budweiser cans all over my office during this week’s “Five O’Clock Somewhere”? Will my un-ironed shirt (worn three days running) be covered with spaghetti and coffee stains? Will the kids be playing hookey from school and shooting up heroin in the rec room?


After all this time you should know me better than that.

This is a tight-run ship even when Melissa is gone, and I still finish my morning grooming routine singing “His hair was perfect” along with the late, great Warren Zevon.

So join me, the lovely and talented Stephen Kruiser, and the even lovelier and more talented special guest Megan Fox Kevin Downey Jr.* for another marathon Live Chat, just for the Best People in the World™.

That’s you, our VIP Gold supporters.

See you Thursday — can’t wait!

*Megan had a thing come up, so Kevin stepped right into the breach.


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