Yes, Senator Kennedy, Biden Judicial Pick Dale Ho Is a Very, Very Angry Man

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Yes, Senator John Kennedy, Biden judicial nominee Dale Ho is a very, very angry man.  It’s even worse than you know. Congratulations for gleaning the obvious, that Dale Ho doesn’t belong anywhere near the important side of a federal bench.


This week, ACLU voting lawyer Dale Ho was before the Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing on his nomination to the United States District Court in New York.

It didn’t go well for Ho.  He spent the rest of the day apologizing for his caustic attacks on senators, conservatives, and anyone with whom Ho disagrees.

On Twitter, Ho boasted he was a “wild-eyed sort of leftist.” Ho claims he was merely repeating what others have said about him. In this case, both Ho and his critics are correct.

My experience with Ho goes way back. He lusts for power, the power to reshape America to his radicalism.

Senator Kennedy told Ho, “I think you are a smart man but I think you are an angry man.”

He is a very angry man, senator, angrier than you even know.

Dale Ho is angry, but he is also filled with elitist disdain for mainstream Americans, the sort of people who live in West Virginia, Montana, and Arizona.

I hope you are paying attention, Senators Manchin, Sinema, and Tester.

Ho is the kind of Yale- and Princeton-educated smarty-pants who wants the regular folks in Buckhannon, Flagstaff, and Scobey to conform to his progressive agenda.

Ho admitted in the hearing that he has crossed the line by contributing “to the coarseness on Twitter.” He’s right.

He also stands in opposition to those regular folks who want only Americans voting in American elections. Ho led the charge at the ACLU to wreck the Kansas laws that verified United States citizenship for voters.


Ho reflexively opposes election safeguards like Voter ID wherever it is the law.

He reflexively opposes efforts to clean voter rolls.

Ho pushed for a radical interpretation of federal law that would have prevented Ohio from even considering that a registrant did not vote for 20 years in a state voter list maintenance program.  Thankfully Ho’s radical view was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Ho opposed the Census counting how many foreigners live in the United States. Along the way, he smeared a good man, Justice Department lawyer John Gore.

He has made our elections less secure and more vulnerable to fraud and error.

Ho is militantly obsessed with race.

To Dale Ho, the content of your character matters less than the color of your skin. After all, America is a bad country with a long history of racial oppression. That’s what appears in ACLU legal briefs.

Yet where was Ho’s ACLU when I brought a case to strike down Guam’s naked race qualification for voting in a plebiscite? Nowhere.

Ho is also dishonest, as anyone watching his shifty answers in his conformation hearing could plainly see.

It reminds me of one federal court trial where Ho harassed opposing witnesses by repeatedly pointing a finger at them with wild questions.  Finally, opposing lawyers objected to Ho’s treatment of the witnesses and the court ordered him to stop pointing his finger and just ask the questions.


Other courts have found Ho’s ACLU fee award applications to contain exaggerated attorney fee time requests.

A very, very angry man, Senator Kennedy.

Federal judges should be impartial and have a stable temperament. Ho has neither. His now-hidden Twitter feed would reveal scores of angry attacks on Republicans, conservatives, and election integrity advocates like Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation.

Once, Ho and I testified to the House Judiciary Committee in September 2019.

Ho is the sort of guy who won’t even shake your hand if he doesn’t like you. Classy, all the way.

During the hearing, Ho didn’t provide the House with accurate testimony. He said that the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which I run, “published the names and contact information of voters who were United States Citizens.” This is flat-out false on multiple levels.

What was published were public government election records deemed public by Congress. PILF never pushed “contact information,” but Ho wanted the false impression to attach that the group was prominently pushing “contact information” as part of a harassment campaign.

Not true. Instead, PILF republished government election records that demonstrated that Virginia election officials had canceled over 5,000 registrants as non-citizens. When a handful of false positives were discovered in the government records, the same group Ho attacked brought a claim against state election officials to stop them from maintaining inaccurate or improper election records and procedures.


Ho’s group did nothing to protect these same improperly canceled registrants, except grandstand.

Now Ho wants the false impression to attach that he isn’t a strident angry radical.

I pointed right at Ho after his mischaracterizations to the House Judiciary Committee. If he can dish it out, I figured he can take it. Pointing, I told Dale Ho, “that’s not true and you know it.”

After his disastrous testimony in his confirmation hearing, it’s time for senators to do the same thing to him, both Republicans and Democrats.




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