The Morning Briefing: 'Following the Science' Sure Seems a Lot Like 'Winging It'

The Morning Briefing: 'Following the Science' Sure Seems a Lot Like 'Winging It'
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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Random acts of kindness rarely wear flattering plaids.

Heaven save us from the experts. Some relief from the leaders would be nice too.

As we continue to navigate our way through whatever stage of the pandemic we’re in, we are continually subjected to the whims of a ruling class that, more often than not, seems like it is making everything up as it goes along.

The “throw everything at the walls and see what sticks” stuff is getting weirder and—surprise!—less helpful. For over a year, we’ve been relentlessly hammered by the panic-porn crowd to “follow the science.” The problem is, there isn’t always a lot of science involved in the science they want to follow.

For example, the FDA is getting close to giving the thumbs-up to a sort of Chex mix approach to getting booster shots, which Rick wrote about yesterday:

The FDA will say this week that if you want a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, it won’t matter whether you were originally vaccinated with another brand. You will soon be able to “mix and match” the vaccine manufacturer to get your booster.

The agency is also expected to recommend that people get a booster shot from the same maker as their original vaccination. And for those Americans who received their original vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, there are questions about the correct dosage.

If you want to see confusion, incompetence, and uncertainty coming from a federal agency making life and death decisions about our health, look no further. The FDA is riding to the rescue and has already fallen off its white horse.

As Rick notes in his post, the mix-and-match green light comes after studying a small number of people for a very short time.

Do you not feel properly guided and comforted yet? This feels more like a public health game of craps than clear guidance by medical experts. Remember, the FDA is the agency more typically known for being painfully slow in approving medicines and treatments that dying people desperately need. Now it’s apparently full YOLO time over there.

Meanwhile, “follow the science” governors are supposedly saving lives via mandates, like Washington’s Jay Inslee, who is driving football coaches and law enforcement veterans into unemployment for not being vaccinated. Who knows how many people will be spared the horrors of COVID by Inslee’s willingness to wreck the careers of some of his constituents?

Probably not too many.

My latest column has some numbers that don’t speak well for Inslee’s approach. The rate of new infections in Washington state is more than double those of Florida, where Ron DeSantis has been continually derided by Follow the Science Inc. for not attempting to “protect” his citizens with draconian overreach. My post also notes that New York—another state that’s mandated to death—is performing far more miserably than free Florida.

Remember, though, you are a bad person if you question the effectiveness of mandates.

The merry band of idiots who are in charge of much of this doesn’t know what it’s doing. They know why they want to do it—they get to engage in repeated power grabs and bend the public to their will. At times it seems as if all the kids who flunked math are engineering a space mission.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll get something right soon.

Don’t bet any money that you can’t afford to lose on that though.

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