The Morning Briefing: Apocalypse Soon—Brush Up on Your Mandarin for the Biden Years

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You Can Spell Biden Without “CCP” but Why Would You?

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Am I oozing enthusiasm for the start of a new week? Yes, yes I am.

The sobering reality of Joseph “The Masked Groper” Biden being sworn in as president of the United States next month is finally starting to hit me. I’ve mostly been approaching the possibility like it’s a bad SNL skit that I’m being forced to watch with those A Clockwork Orange thingies propping my eyelids open. It was all a bit surreal but it’s just a bad dream, right?

Apparently, this nonsense is actually going to happen now and, honestly, I don’t think even I can drink my way through this. Sure, I’ll give it a try, but I have some things I need to accomplish next year and I can’t get any of them done if I am meandering through a Biden-avoidance alcoholic haze every day.

A central component to my denial has involved my assessment about who the power behind the throne will be. At the beginning of the month, I wrote about the looming tug-of-war between DOCTOR OR SOMETHING Jill Biden and Miss Congeniality Kamala Harris for control of the empty space in Drooling Joe’s head. That’s a battle that is definitely still on and might even be worth pay-per-view.

They’re only bit players in the Joe Biden’s puppeteer sweepstakes. As my friend and colleague Stephen Green is fond of saying, Joe Biden is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party.

There’s the real problem that I’ve been trying to keep buried in the back of my mind.

Of course, I’m not doing as good of a job burying reality as the mainstream media is, as Jeff wrote over the weekend:

Hunter Biden was the October Surprise that wasn’t—a report so explosive, so potentially damaging, so dangerous for national security that it should have destroyed Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. In any other election, fleets of investigative reporters would have been unleashed to verify the claims in the report. Instead, in the ultimate expression of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a major media company set out to personally destroy the man they thought put the report together and thereby discredit the report to the point that the entire media complex in America took turns ridiculing the story instead of investigating it. The results could have dire implications for national security.

But hey, at least they got rid of the Bad Orange Man.

The week before Election Day, RedState published a series of articles about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, based on a 64-page report from researchers who combed public records to reveal how compromised the Biden family is to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). You can read Part 1 here. The four-part series lays out deeply disturbing connections between Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and the CCP.

There are many ways to steal an election, and this massive dereliction of duty by the scum masquerading as journalists was a straight-up hijacking.

The tangled, dysfunctional relationship that we have with China right now has been kept in check during the Trump years. The media’s October cover-up has now practically given the CCP a seat at Cabinet meetings.

The ChiCom hits just keep on coming too. Stacey wrote a post yesterday about a recent leak that reveals that our Chinese commie friends are, well, everywhere:

Sky News reported a list of nearly two million members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who are operating worldwide and in dozens of companies based in the United States and other Western nations. According to the report, the list was compiled in 2016 by Chinese dissidents who extracted the data from a Shanghai server

It’s like the Russian red scare of the twentieth century but with a corporate twist. Comforting, no?

It’s valid to wonder just how many of these companies Hunter Biden may have his cocaine covered fingers in and just how compromised Ol’ Gropes is because of his ne’er-do-well son. It would be super cool if the United States happened to be home to any journalists who had enough curiosity to ask questions about this potential nightmare scenario. Sadly, those days have gone the way of the videocassette.

This is going to be ugly but you won’t hear that from anyone in the media.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and Rosetta Stone will have a year-end sale and we can all get to work practicing Mandarin so that we can understand what they’re saying to us in the camps.

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