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Four Stabbed in D.C. Proud Boys vs. Anti-Trump Melee; One Shot in Washington State

YouTube screenshot (Daily Caller).

Urban warfare between hundreds of Proud Boys and anti-Trump counter-protesters broke out during an all-day melee that took place on the fringes of a protest involving supporters of Donald Trump contesting the results of the 2020 election.

Police arrested at least 23 people, according to the mayor’s office. One person was shot and four were stabbed. Their conditions are unknown.

Daily Caller street reporter Shelby Talcott followed the day-long drama and posted a series of dramatic videos as the two sides took part in a series of running brawls that ebbed and flowed in downtown Washington.

The Proud Boys took a BLM banner from a nearby church and torched it.

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Police tried their best to keep the two sides apart, but it was hopeless.

Daily Caller:

The counter-protesters clad themselves in black bloc and donned fighting gear that typically included helmets, shields and face masks. The Proud Boys, on the other hand, appeared to opt more for batons and their fists. The combination resulted in a bloody night on the streets of D.C., with four reported stabbings, according to The New York Times.

Other injuries occurred amid the fighting, and reporters on the ground saw faces bloodied and people disoriented following scuffles. Both groups taunted each other throughout the evening, amped up for the physical altercations.

Fox News is reporting that at least two police officers were “moderately injured” and taken to the hospital.

All during the battle, both sides looked for ways to get around the police cordon that had been set up to separate them. They were largely unsuccessful as the massive police presence prevented many gaps in police coverage of the area.

The demonstration itself was a big success. Thousands showed up to march and protest in favor of Donald Trump. The president seemed genuinely touched by the turnout.

Trump was on his way to the Army-Navy game. An aide on Marine One posted a photo from the air of the crowd.

The Washington state capital of Olympia saw more anti- and pro-Trump fighting. One man was shot and four police officers were injured in a series of brawls near the capitol building.


Sometime later, police gave dispersal orders and declared a riot at Columbia Street Southwest and 9th Avenue Southwest.

As the crowd continued to march on the Capitol campus, police said one person was arrested. When the “mob” left the campus, police said they responded to “continued assaultive behavior.”

Additional dispersal orders were issued, and the “mob” was told to “leave now,” police said. However, the confrontations continued.

Troopers said other agencies were called to help in the response to the riot.

Trump leaving office will not be the end of the fights between antifa and Proud Boys. There will be plenty of opportunities for confrontations going forward and we should expect both sides to turn out in force any chance they get.

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