The Morning Briefing: Enemy of the People MSM Suddenly Worried About Violence It Spent 6 Months Ignoring

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The MSM Proves Again Why It Can’t Be Trusted

Happy Election Day Eve, my dear devoted Kruiser Morning Briefing friends.

Well compadres, we have arrived at the week that may go on for another month or so. This is the 247th day of March, 2020, so we know that calendar time-bending is real this year. The only thing that we cannot do is travel back in time to a more innocent era, because I think we’ve all forgotten what innocence is at this point.

We’re going to do something a little different for the lead-in today and use something I wrote last week as a starting point. It was posted in Friday’s briefing but Fridays are always a little slow and the story hung around all weekend.

I wrote about the fact that the cities that are making a show of bracing themselves for election night violence are all Democrat-run places that embraced Black Lives Matter and antifa. Of course, the article I referenced failed to mention that. As the weekend wore on, more and more MSM types began freaking out and, again, not being honest about where the violence might come from.

Many in the MSM have been warning about the threat of violence from right-wing militias. No mention of BLM or antifa. You know, the groups that have been committing all of the violence. It would be silly to bring them up, wouldn’t it?

That the MSM is talking about violence — even the threat of it — at all is amazing. These are the people who’ve spent months telling us that smashed windows and burning buildings were happening amid “mostly peaceful” protests. Heck, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) insisted that antifa was a “myth,” which no doubt irritated all of the antifa thugs who have put so much effort into looting and bullying whenever they outnumber their targets.

I happened upon this tweet from Wolf Blitzer on Sunday and was immediately embarrassed for him:

This is a guy who was once a respected journalist. Yes, he’s always had his bias, but he was less awful than the rest of them at one point, which was enough for even people on my side of the aisle to respect him a bit.

Now, the CNN done rot that poor boy’s brain.

Twitchy has some fairly epic responses to Blitzer’s psychotic break here.

No Sunday news cycle would be complete without CNN’s Brian “Poppin’ Fresh” Stelter saying the dumbest thing. Doughboy wondered aloud if all of these cities that have been plagued by leftist violence (which was cheered on by elected Democrats) were worried because President Trump is “attacking the election.”

Oh, the projection.

These idiots have been lying for so long they believe their own garbage. They’re going to lie themselves into being destroyed by the mobs they’ve been coddling and running interference for. The karmic payback is not going to be pleasant for them.

These cities are preparing for violence because they know what the MSM won’t admit: BLM and antifa are in it just for the violence. They bark about “REFORM!” and “JUSTICE!” but it’s really all about thuggery without fear of retaliation (you won’t see them in places where people fight back) and the occasional free television from a Best Buy with smashed windows.

The leftist hellholes are reaping what they’ve sown. The MSM heavyweights are headquartered in some of them.

Good harvest.

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