2020 Must Be a Trump Landslide, a Total Knock-Out Against the Unscrupulous Left

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Voter fraud is a distinctively American problem with deep roots in the Democratic Party. One might say, twin roots, for a complementary radicle has sunk into a significant portion of the voting public who approve of the illegal manipulation of electoral results. And there is not the slightest doubt that the “week in ballot shenanigans” is upon us once again: ballot harvesting, voting rules changed overnight, ballot dumping, stolen ballots, extended voting, multiple voting, the attempt to count unpostmarked ballots, and so on. Indeed, every conceivable form of ballot tampering is par for the course, including the latest iteration of the grave robbing vote in Florida.

How this violation of voting legitimacy can be allowed to continue in the absence of strict electoral supervision in an arguably democratic nation boggles the mind. But as noted, a political constituency with controlling access to the levers of power, its legions of cronies and advocates, and a substantial segment of the franchise are perfectly fine with the flagrant perversion of professional honesty, electoral fairness, and personal morality.

Such practices are the stock-in-trade of the political Left at all levels of authority and sentiment, and explain why the Democrats may yet win an election they should reasonably lose by a crushing majority. This leads us to the speculation that there are really two opposing groups of political actors that are not wholly defined by political labels such as Democrat and Republican or liberal and conservative. Rather, there are those who believe that the end justifies the means and those who believe that the means cannot be polluted by a prior determination of engineered ends.

Democrats and their committed voting bloc are people of the ends. Any abuse of common decency and just proceeding is not only acceptable but encouraged by those who have sanctioned the ends at any cost. On the other side of the ethical divide are people of the means, for whom the principle of fairness and the virtue of personal integrity are paramount. The political ends are to be arrived at by a just adherence to the constitutional process and the instruments provided to achieve a desired outcome.

Simply put, the current election is, in effect, a conflict between the people of the ends and the people of the means. This is the reason that decent people must show up at the voting booth in person and in record numbers to cast an honest vote. There is no other way to soundly defeat a corrupt Democrat Party, a treacherous media and Big Tech consortium, and a degenerate socialist-leaning base electorate. As is well known, a slim margin of victory will be litigated for months by an unscrupulous cohort of Democrat governors, congressmen, and hired guns from the legal community. A Republican triumph cannot be a victory on points. It must be a decisive knockout to ensure the margin of victory is large enough to render tendentious opposition dubious and unrealistic.

The vote rustlers cannot be permitted to steal the vote. They must be neutralized and put to flight. They must be sent to the mat. The showdown at the O.K. Corral must be a definitive K.O.

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