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Election Resurrection: Scheme to Register Dead Voters as Democrats Uncovered in Florida

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Investigators in South Florida discovered an attempt to register “dozens of dead people as Democratic voters,” in Broward County, reports the Washington Times.

According to the report, “no mail-in ballots were requested or cast under the falsified IDs.”

Election officials say an individual in South Carolina mailed 51 new voter applications to the Broward County elections office in the summer. Thankfully, the registrations were flagged as suspicious and turned over to the local state attorney’s office.

Officials have so far been unable to determine who mailed the bogus registrations, which had no return address and were sent in 19 envelopes. Thirty of the 51 applications were verified to have been made for people who are deceased, while the remaining registrations were unverifiable.

“This is an organized effort by someone who knew a little bit about Florida law but not a lot and had a scheme to either undermine the Florida registration system with fake voters or intended to vote 50 times,” Broward Elections Supervisor Pete Antonacci told the Washington Times.

The suspicious registrations left driver’s license numbers and Social Security numbers blank.

According to Antonacci, the scammer was attempting to take advantage of the lag time between when a voter dies and when the voter rolls are updated.

“The system is based on the honor system, and the honor system is supposedly bolstered by the fact that if you lie on one of these applications, it’s a crime,” Antonacci said. “With determination, you can muscle your way in.”

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