The Kruiser Kabana Episode 77: Kira Davis Joins Me for Election Preview Mood Swings


Is this even real? Is our 414-year-long election cycle almost over? I don’t care if it drags out after election day, I’m just glad we made it to November despite Drooling Idiot Biden’s dire warnings about President Trump killing us all with the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu.


I wanted to have Kira on because we tend to think along the same lines on most political issues. We aren’t a hive mind over here on the Right though, so I wanted to see if she was coming at anything from a different angle. She didn’t disappoint. She never does.

There’s plenty of analysis here, and we like to make it fun.

Enjoy and hang around for all of the you-know-what-show that will be happening for the next several days (Weeks? Months?). Here at PJ Media we will be doing a live blog on Election Day and we promise to try and stay sober at least until lunchtime. Join us, it WILL BE EPIC.

I’m wound up and ready to go. Thank you, VIP subscribers. You’re the best!


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