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Turncoat Joe Scarborough Thinks the Constitution Is Voter Suppression

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Of all of the wearisome water-carrying that we’ve seen the mainstream media do for Joe Biden, the narrative-schlepping by former Republicans has been the most pathetic to watch. The worst are those who still pretend to be Republicans, like the Lincoln Grifters or Jeff Romneyflake. Although he now says he’s a registered independent, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (Mr. Morning Mika) can be counted among them because he used his Republican cred to achieve well-payed useful-idiot status at the network.

On Sunday, Scarborough tweeted, “Since 1988, Republicans have won the popular vote in a presidential election just once,” showing just how complete his transition to leftist lapdog is.

The popular vote complaint is boilerplate Democrat pablum, and the casual ease with which Scarborough tossed it out there would embarrass his former self. He was, after all, a rather conservative Republican congressman for six years back in the day.

That means he should, and does, know better than to peddle the popular vote nonsense, as it has no more to do with the election of the president than does the shoe size of every American third-grader named Alphonse.

That Scarborough is hawking this most intellectually-challenged of talking points proves two things:

1: All media-darling useful-idiot Republicans become Democrats, even if they don’t register with the party.

2: He hates the Constitution.

Attempting to delegitimize elections that were legitimately won per the rules of the United States Constitution shows nothing but contempt for the Constitution.

If you look at all that the leftists are — to borrow a phrase from our British friends — on about, it’s easy to see that they really don’t like much of the Constitution at all. Article II, which establishes the Electoral College, is one of their least favorite sections, as it’s what’s standing in the way of their Soviet one-party rule fantasy in the Democratic fever dream.

If they get their way, Manhattan and Los Angeles will be electing every president going forward and people like me will be gulag-bound. Sure, I could sell out to the looming overlords like Scarborough has done — believe me, I’ve had offers — but some of us actually do have principles.

This denigration of our presidential elections by the Democrats didn’t start with Granny Maojackets’ loss in 2016. The Democrats have been beating the popular vote dead horse since Al Gore was unable to steal the election in 2000. The modern Democratic party is two decades into being unable to admit that they run some remarkably crappy candidates for president sometimes. At least Republicans will admit that guys like McCain and Romney were garbage candidates and move on.

Scarborough would have his minions believe that a constitutional path to victory in a presidential election can only be achieved through voter suppression. This is a hot mess of pathetic, absurd, and anti-intellectual. He’s helping to peddle the insidious Dem idea that anything that doesn’t give them wiggle room to cheat is “voter suppression.”

Scarborough barks like a good dog for his new masters these days. He’s no doubt getting frequent pats on the head and perhaps the occasional Beggin’ Strip.

Let’s see if they keep feeding him if they get what he’s helping them to achieve.

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