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EXCLUSIVE: Brady White Reveals Identity of Alleged Cop Shooter In New Orleans

Matthew Hinton/The Advocate via AP

Yesterday, a man opened fire on a police car in the French Quarter of New Orleans, shooting one cop in the face and injuring another. PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil reported the details:

An unidentified assailant riding a pedicab ambushed two police officers in New Orleans, opening fire into their police vehicle on Friday night. The shooter hit one cop in the face and the shards of glass from the bullet wounded the other officer.

Police Superintendent Shaun Ferugson announced that the assailant opened fire at around 4:30 p.m. in the city’s French Quarter. The suspect hit one officer in the cheek and the bullet lodged in his skull, Fox News reported.

“They were just crossing through intersections going in different directions,” Ferguson said. “This is a dark day for our officers.”

Brady White*, who has worked with PJ Media recently to reveal low morale in police agencies across America, reached out with details he learned from his sources in the law enforcement community.

(*Brady White is a pseudonym used to protect the active-duty officer from recriminations and retribution from management in his police department.)


Yesterday at approximately 4:30 central time, two New Orleans police officers were stopped at an intersection in the 1000 block of Royal Street. As you will see below an unknown black male later identified to me by a law enforcement source as Donnell Hassell II from Augusta, Georgia, opens fire from the back of a pedicab as it crosses the intersection in front of the fully-marked New Orleans police unit. (credit to WWLTV out of New Orleans for obtaining the surveillance footage). A signal 108 came across the air at 4:32PM Central time (108/Officer needs assistance life in danger) generating New Orleans Police item J-39410-20.

One officer was struck once in the face, the other sustained “wounds from glass and debris”.  The officer who sustained the wound walked into the hospital under his own power holding his cheek. He is said to be alert and awake.

The subject was later apprehended without incident near the Jeanne D’Arc statue on Decatur Street. He was in possession of a holster and a gun was found near his arrest location.

Sources told me that he plainly smelled of marijuana and then began “acting funny and we thought faking a seizure.” He was later transported to University Medical Center where he was later intubated. The same source stated he was suffering from symptoms that are consistent with excited delirium ( At the time of writing this article he remains under a guard detail.

Sources further told me, “He has disabled vet plates on his bike … he [may be] with Psi Delta Tau military fraternity and somehow made a motorcycle club out of it, not positive yet though.”

A leaked internal memo from another law enforcement source showed that a 2020 Harley Davidson with Georgia plates is wanted in connection with the ATTEMPTED MURDER of two police officers.

A third source has told me the FBI has assumed control of the investigation. I would safely surmise there will be federal enhancement charges levied against the arrested subject whenever he is discharged from the hospital and booked into a receiving holding facility.


New Orleans police memo
Facebook screenshot of New Orleans police memo.
Alleged New Orleans police shooter Donnell Hassell II
Facebook screenshot of alleged police shooter in New Orleans

This marks at least the fourth ambush attack on police officers in American cities in 2020, following similar attacks in Texas, New York City, and Los Angeles.

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