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“This is a perfect time for us. People are disgusted with Washington."
If they're going to bother you, why not waste the scumbags' time?
A judge orders discovery to proceed in the Lois Lerner scandal.
"That would be a good leak."
Koskinen assures no IRS employee "can willy-nilly go look" at returns, including Trump's.
U.S. says ISIS running out of their "Mad Max-style" car bombs as fight goes on.
Agency insists it's "dedicated to helping taxpayers meet their tax obligations.”
Watch this montage...
CNN sure had to grill him for this info...
Illegal immigrants are most likely to have victimized legal Americans in this scandal.
Task force leader: CENTCOM problems "may have resulted in putting American troops at risk."
Several conservative groups still waiting for a ruling on their tax-exempt status.