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iran nuclear deal

Iran foreign minister tells U.S. to "lose the standing with the Iranian people mantra" while taking dig at Trump's election results.
In D.C., Parly warns of "a gift to Iran’s hardliners," but "we should also be extremely serious about the destabilizing ballistic and regional activities.”
Israeli ambassador suggests solving problems through "follow-on agreements with the Europeans" outside of JCPOA.
EU says Trump does not have power to kill JCPOA; Iran vows "fitting and strong response."
“Something is going on in one of those underground military facilities ... we have a long history of the bad guys cheating on these treaties."
"President Obama extended a hand and helped the ayatollahs up,” senator argues. “The deal didn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb; it paved that path.”
German envoy to U.S.: "We don’t think it will be possible to renegotiate it, and we believe there is no practical peaceful alternative to this deal."
"Mr. Trump was extremely offensive to the people of Iran."
Secretary of State said Iran violates "expectations of the JCPOA" to contribute to regional security, but nuclear agreement "continues to be under review."