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Defense secretary notes mounting international concern when asked if the trajectory of the U.S. relationship with Iran is heading toward military conflict.
Iran's foreign minister says U.S. goal "is to psychologically affect our nation and to affect the psychological vibe of our trade partners."
"I'll meet anytime they want, anytime they want. Good for the country, good for them, good for us and good for the world."
IRGC commander responds to tweets: "You should know that there is not even a single night that we don't think of destroying you."
Asked what it would take for Trump to meet Rouhani like he met Kim, Sanders says, "That would be a determination that the president would make on what that looks like."
Media, Democrats paint Trump as aggressor.
"They are being held for no legitimate reason like North Korea... so it’s time to bring the hostages home," says Lieu.
Offers "moral support" to only Iranian opposition who don't want Islamic regime gone.
Former prime minister says Trump now has to "convince the other participants of the deal, other parties to the deal, to move together with him," but "I doubt it."
"I'll spearhead a diplomatic effort to examine whether remaining JCPOA participants can ensure its full benefits for Iran," said Iran's foreign minister. "Outcome will determine our response."
May, Macron and Merkel encourage Iran "to show restraint in response to the decision by the U.S."; Rouhani says Iran could "start enriching uranium more than before."
Pompeo on thousands of pages of Project Amad details obtained from Iran by Israel: "They kept the documents for a reason, and one can speculate as to why."