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German envoy to U.S.: "We don’t think it will be possible to renegotiate it, and we believe there is no practical peaceful alternative to this deal."
In D.C., Parly warns of "a gift to Iran’s hardliners," but "we should also be extremely serious about the destabilizing ballistic and regional activities.”
"Enjoy their gathering," French ISIS media group tells jihadists, adding that they have "no choice" but to conduct attacks.
"We will never be able to eradicate the radical Islamism..."
"It is the Union of Muslim Associations ... which respects secularism."
ISIS terror shuts down a 7-year holiday tradition...
Authorities described the night as "serene" and "smooth."
No. Next question.
Trump praised military parades in France and China and has told Pentagon he wants to do the same in Washington.
She was defending her party from claims that it was "just like ISIS."