Report: Migrants Committed Almost 70% of Violent Crimes in France Last Year

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This week in “diversity is our greatest strength” news, a recent report from the statistics bureau serving the French Ministry of Interior has concluded that nigh on 70% of violent crimes in the Paris metropolis were committed by non-French perpetrators last year.


France’s “greatest strength” appears to be subway rape.

Via Remix News:

Last year, 69 percent of violent robberies and other violent crimes, including sexual assaults, on public transport in the greater Paris region of Île-de-France were perpetrated by foreign nationals, according to the annual figures of the SSMSI, the statistics bureau of the French Ministry of Interior.

However, looking closer at the data, it is revealed that Africans alone are responsible for 52 percent of such crimes while only representing 3.2 percent of the population of France.

Even for all of France, the data clearly shows that African nationals account for 42 percent of the above-mentioned types of crimes, way above their statistical weight within the French population.

Regarding crimes specific to public transport, the situation has actually not changed substantially over the years. The last time Remix News reported on such data in 2020, 69 percent of sexual assaults were committed by foreigners at that time as well.

Doing some quick math using the data provided — African migrants committing 52% of violent crimes while accounting for a mere 3.2% of the population — we discover that they are statistically overrepresented in the violent crime category by a factor of 16.

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I have met French expats scattered throughout the world who swear to God they’ll never move back to France — in particular, Paris — on the sole account of the out-of-control crime, not just of a violent nature but also property crime.


My capstone paper for my master’s program in international relations concerned, in part, the tsunami of Third World immigration to France and its potential causal impact on the rise of the so-called “far-right” in the country. A huge swathe of the paper analyzed polling data of the French public over the past twenty years. It consistently and unequivocally reflects the French people’s democratic — actually democratic, by conventional definition, not of the newly styled Democracy™ variety — rejection of the inundation of their country with migrants, mostly from the Middle East and North Africa.

Yet the invasion continues unabated.

The question is: with the brutal lockdowns, the austerity, the migrant invasions, etc. of the past several years, how much more can the French people take before violent revolution becomes inevitable and it becomes a fully failed state?


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