The Morning Briefing: The Lying 'Hate Speech' Censor Fascists Are Winning Hearts and Minds

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Swanseiba was never more fulfilled than when she was teaching yak whispering to itinerant Frisbee enthusiasts.


Another day, another lament about a freedom almost on life support in Joe Biden’s America. This is getting to be like a “Groundhog Day” scenario but with nightmares, don’t you think?

As someone who has spent my adult life speaking and writing for a living, I greatly value the freedom of expression I’ve enjoyed as an American entertainer and writer. As I made my way as a young comedian in the glorious 1980s, free speech was something I honestly thought I would never have to worry about in my career.

Had I been a writer of dystopian horror fiction, I might have foreseen the rise of the 21st-century freedom-hating Left in the United States.

Those leftists are so insidious that they hid their assault on free speech in plain sight by attacking “hate speech.” Well, it’s working. This is from something Catherine wrote yesterday:

A new poll from Real Clear Politics (RCP) highlights a dangerous anti-freedom trend in America, as 50% of Republicans and about 75% of Democrats reportedly approve of the government violating the Constitution and targeting “hateful” online content.

In modern America, it should be increasingly clear that “hateful” is a highly subjective word that can be applied to anything with which a person disagrees. Thus affirming biological realities about sex has actually been called genocide. So not only is the term completely subjective, and thus highly dangerous as a standard for targeting content, but the First Amendment is not meant to apply only to speech that is non-controversial. It is mostly meant to apply to speech that could be controversial, with which some or most people disagree. The federal government thus has no right or ability at all to target free speech. And if this poll is accurate, the fact that so many Americans reportedly think it does is incredibly disturbing.


It’s the subjectivity that Catherine mentions that’s always been so maddening. For a very long time in this country, there was a standard: my offense at what you said didn’t mean you had no right to say it.

Then the hippie radicals from the sixties bathed and took over public education, and everything became an emotion-based mess (all of which is explored in my classic “Don’t Let the Hippies Shower“). That shift led directly to where we are today. The grievance addicts on the Left have weaponized their emotional weakness and are using it to erode life as we know it.

This poll may only deal with the censorship of online hate speech, but we all know that’s a slippery slope that will be greased up anew each morning. Giving a nod to the censorship of online content doesn’t end well for speech in general.

I must say that I’m a bit skeptical of the Republican response in the poll. People can identify however they want in polls, often untruthfully. However, any Republicans who do condone the Big Brother approach to alleged hate speech are monumentally stupid. Things that offend people on the Right will never be labeled hate speech. Leftists, however, can — and often do — threaten violence against conservatives and face no consequences whatsoever. That will always be the case.


The number of young people comfortable with censorship is further proof that the American public education indoctrination mill is having great success. It will continue to do so until we choke it off with greater school choice and/or the abolishment of the Department of Education.

Hate speech doesn’t exist. It’s a leftist construct designed to weaken the First Amendment to the point of unsustainability. It may be working for the moment but there’s still time to fight back.

I’m hoping to offend some people along the way as I do so.

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