The Morning Briefing: Republicans Might Make House Takeover the Wrong Kind of Interesting

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Berwick felt that his bocce ball skills weren’t respected simply because he spent his formative years in a Utah commune.


We now have a little over a month before the Republican Party kinda/sorta takes control of the House of Representatives. Although most Republicans have greatly modified our expectations for how that is going to go, the elected elite members of the party appear to want to make it seem as if we aimed too high.

The problems with not winning a decisive majority in the House are going to be rearing their ugly heads for quite some time. There is now a chance that they might get uglier than a Hillary Clinton Halloween mask.

Rick writes that the Republicans might let the fight for the election of Speaker turn sour:

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) wants to be the speaker of the House. But as it stands now, there are probably enough Republican votes to deny McCarthy his prize.

McCarthy needs 218 votes to get elected speaker. But the GOP will have a slim majority of perhaps 222 seats when Congress convenes on January 3 and the vote for speaker is held. According to The Hill, there are already at least five GOP members who have announced their opposition to McCarthy.

There are also another seven or eight GOP members who are skeptical of McCarthy’s leadership and may vote no. What all this amounts to is the real possibility that Republicans will have a bloody floor fight trying to get McCarthy or some other more conservative member elected speaker.

While it is just like the Republican Party to make things ridiculous like this, I’m not sure we’re going to get there. It may be more than enough to simply scare Kevin McCarthy into not being a squish. For those who think this is pollyannaish, understand that McCarthy’s majority will be so slim that he can’t afford any hiccups. He will need all of the cooperation he can get.


I have mentioned more than once that I’d like to see a change of leadership at the top of the Republican Party. I don’t want that change to come in a way that benefits the Democrats, however. If the GOP is flapping about like hens under attack from a fox next month, the Dems win.

The biggest and best change that can be affected now is at the top of the Republican National Committee. Get rid of the Romney stink that is Ronna McDaniel and maybe get serious about winning elections for real.


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