The Morning Briefing: The Post-Red-Trickle Mitch McConnell Will Be a Problem for Conservatives

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Theo’s friends always try to make sure he doesn’t drink enough to reach his “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” point at the karaoke bar.


It would appear that the Republican Party has decided to avoid learning any lessons after last week’s election debacle. Or, it has decided to learn the wrong lessons, depending on which tea leaves you’re reading.

I wrote last week that the Republican Party needs an overhaul. Well, it’s not going to get one. The major GOP leadership players who presided over the midterm toilet swirl are all going to remain in place. My gut tells me that this all but guarantees ten years of President Harris, but then it’s still feeling kicked from last week, so it might be a little off.

My biggest worry is which Mitch McConnell we’re going to be dealing with going forward.

Yeah, Cocaine Mitch had some shining moments when Trump was in office, but his body of work before and after that hasn’t always been something that conservatives celebrate much. I am afraid we’re not going to like much of what we see from Still-Minority Mitch in the next couple of years.

It’s no secret that McConnell isn’t fond of Trump or his supporters. He played along when Trump was president because he’s a classic Beltway opportunist. McConnell is more than likely going to be one of the GOP elites who pushes back against Trump’s new run at the Oval Office. Lincoln writes that Senate Majority Leader — and thoroughly evil human being — Chuck Schumer feels there’s an opportunity to work with McConnell and fight the “MAGA” Republicans:


But Trump and the MAGA faithful are facing other challenges. Now that Mitch McConnell is secure in his position as Senate Minority Leader, he is free to hold his ground. Breitbart reported that Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made an appearance on CNN’s “This Morning” on the 14th. During the segment, Schumer said that he had plans to talk with McConnell about “ditching” MAGA Republicans.

Here’s the thing, though: the present-day GOP is largely made up of MAGA Republicans. Trump changed the party. Even if he isn’t the nominee for 2024, it will still be the people he inspired who move the party forward. If McConnell decides to keep his hissy fit going, he runs the risk of alienating a large voting bloc to the point that it just stays at home and doesn’t vote.

Republicans are teetering on the brink of permanent electoral irrelevance right now. The last thing it needs is a protracted intra-family feud. If Mitch McConnell decides that the party should get its Nelson Rockefeller on and squish the day away, the 2024 election will be far more painful for the right than this recent one was.

Maybe I’m wrong on this; I certainly hope I am. I don’t say that often.

But I think that my gut still functions well, even after a good kicking.

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