The Morning Briefing: Democrats' Unhinged Attacks Are Only Making Trump Stronger

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We here on the right like to say that Donald Trump “broke” the Democrats when he won the 2016 presidential election and permanently vanquished Granny Maojackets to her box of breakfast Franzia in Chappaqua. It’s so much more intense than that though. Trump didn’t just break them, it’s like he’s become their entire reason for existence.

It hasn’t been enough for them that they played fast and loose with election laws in 2020 and forced Trump out of office; they’re fixated on removing him from public life altogether.

None of what they’re doing is working.

Trump held a rally over the weekend that showed that his popularity hasn’t been diminished one bit by the Democrats’ relentless witch hunt against him. Kevin wrote about it:

As a veteran of Trump rallies, I can assure you that Trump was ON FIRE Saturday night in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Trump’s first rally since the FBI’s dubious raid on his home in Florida was gangbusters. He entertained a sold-out crowd of 12,000 people indoors and thousands more outside in the rain.

My favorite parts of Trump’s speech were:

  • Trump calling Adam Schiff a “watermelon head”
  • Trump calling Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman a “freak show”
  • Trump pushing full steam ahead on MAGA even after Gropey Joe declared war on Trump and his MAGA supporters

The Democrats’ unyielding obsession with Trump is not at all working out as they wish it would. They’re so blinded by their white-hot hatred of him, however, that they can’t see that.

What the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media are doing is making Trump a living martyr. Their repeated unforced errors — especially the J6 kangaroo court — are fuel for Trump. His oversized personality soaks up their frothing pettiness and turns it into political gold.

Trump has repeatedly said that attacks on him are really attacks on everyone who supports him, and that resonates in a way that the Democrats are unable to grasp. They don’t have any inspiring leaders over there anymore. They would all point to Barack Obama to counter this assertion but, deep down inside, they all know that The Lightbringer is in it for himself and doesn’t care about them.

The Trump faithful know that he really is on their side. The Democrats can’t see the genuine affection he has for his supporters because they’ve built a demonized caricature of him in their empty heads that has nothing to do with reality.

Everything they do to try and keep Trump out of the 2024 political equation energizes him and the over 70 million people who voted for him in 2020. The false accusations are giving Trump permanent rent-free status in their heads.

At this rate, they might not be able to beat Trump in 2024 even with the help of the Magic Mail-In Ballot Machine.


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