The Morning Briefing: Looks Like We'll All Be Biden Broke Soon

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. It’s best not to ask too many questions about the cream puffs that Felicia just found under the couch.


It has been a lot of fun being distracted by all that’s going on with Twitter. The lefties are still drowning in their tears and it is more entertaining than any of the streaming services I’m paying for these days. It is, however, time to get back to the other news, most of which isn’t very good.

We’re all feeling the effects of Joe Biden’s inflation. I had to buy a new computer last week and the prices were a bit daunting. I’m still in sticker shock.

It’s obvious that the train wreck that is the Biden administration has no plan to make any of its multiple mistakes better. As far as the economy is concerned, there are only dark clouds everywhere. Athena wrote yesterday about the conversation transitioning from inflation to the “R” word: recession:

With inflation the worst it’s been in 40 years, can a significant recession be far behind?

Deutsche Bank certainly thinks a major recession is in the offing. At the beginning of April, the multinational investment and financial services bank originally forecast a mild U.S. inflation. But on Tuesday, its team of economists wrote in a report to clients, which was titled “Why the coming recession will be worse than expected,” “We will get a major recession.”

At issue is the rampant (and completely predictable) inflation caused by Big Left’s disastrous COVID-19 response. Shut down businesses and industries? You disrupt the supply chain and create shortages. Flood idle people with trillions of freshly-printed new cash while pausing their rent and loan obligations? Now you have a massively increased number of dollars chasing a greatly reduced amount of goods. Add in higher fuel costs from Biden’s God-awful energy policies, and prices on everything are sky-high.

When the problem is severe enough, the Federal Reserve steps in and raises interest rates to make money more expensive. This tactic unfortunately has the nasty side effect of slowing the economy, as businesses and consumers rein in spending, production drops, and jobs are lost. (This is why everyone warned Biden and his Leftist Congress not to dump trillions of dollars into the economy in the first place — there’s no good way to fix the problems that behavior creates.)


It’s the age-old, classic tale of just how wrong things can go when the government tries to “help.” There is no shortage of historical evidence regarding exactly what can go wrong, yet politicians — especially those on the left — usually ignore it all and wreck things for the long term in order to win a popularity contest in the short term.

Athena’s post notes that the fear of a recession isn’t shared by all of the experts but that’s not much of a comfort. Her conclusion is dead-on:

Anyone who has been around a generation or two has seen all of this happen before. Biden and the Democrats’ inflation followed by recession was as predictable as the sunrise. And thus, it’s easy to predict what they will do next: blame the inevitable downturn they caused on the new Republican Congress we’ll be swearing in after the midterms.

Bet on it.

Hurry up, 2024, it’s getting ugly out here.

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