The Morning Briefing: Obama Returns to White House and Biden Can't Find a Friend

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Most don’t know, but I was considered the unofficial sixth member of the original Menudo lineup.


I have to start off today with an apology. I made a most grievous error in yesterday’s headline when I referred to Elon Musk as a “majority” shareholder of Twitter. He is the “largest” shareholder. For the pedants out there, I am not referring to bodyweight. If I had been precise, I would have referred to him as “the shareholder who owns the most rockets.”

I would like to offer a most sincere apology for the shame I brought upon my family, PJ Media, and a grieving nation.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Can we please let the healing begin?


Whew, I do feel cleansed after that. Now on to the main stuff for today.

His High Holiness, the Prince of Peace Prizes Barack Hussein Obama, returned to his old stomping grounds yesterday to celebrate a legislative victory from 2010.

Yeah, that’s how desperate the Democrats are for some good news right now.

When this event was announced it was obvious that Biden’s puppetmasters were hoping that a visit from The Lightbringer would inject some energy into an administration that can’t even aspire to be moribund right now. What they got was Barack Obama being Barack Obama and Joe Biden wandering around like the sad boy who can’t get anyone to play with him at his own birthday party.

Our sister site Twitchy has the rundown of Obama’s reversion to form when speaking at the White House, using his favorite pronouns “I” and “we” incessantly. How anybody on Team Biden thought Obama would do anything other than make it about himself defies explanation. The guy probably sleeps with a mirror between himself and Michelle. He even tossed out a joke about “Vice President Biden” that really didn’t seem like that much of a joke.


The most pathetic thing, which Matt covered for us, is video of Biden wandering around a crowded room while everyone fawns over Obama and virtually no one is paying attention to him.

The president of the United States. In the White House.

I’ve seen several different videos of different moments where the same thing was happening.

Democrats need all the help that they can get heading into the November midterms. Stacey wrote yesterday about a lack of enthusiasm among some of the Democrats’ most loyal base. If the Obama/Biden reunion was supposed to get them singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” it was a spectacular fail. They’re probably humming “The Way We Were” and hitting the hard stuff instead.

It should also be noted that the legislation they were celebrating was the reason that the Democrats got absolutely steamrolled by the Republicans in the 2010 midterms. Did no one think of the memories that might evoke?

The case has been made many times that Obama never really cared much about the party, just himself. The party just can’t quit him though, and he was the most recent fond memory that they could reach out to while President Sad Boy is wandering around and screwing everything up.

I hope somebody eventually got him an ice cream.

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