The Morning Briefing: Nick Searcy Is on a Mission to Destroy Dems' Jan. 6 Lies

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Oxtail soup never goes well with ennui.

The battle to counter the tsunami flood of false narratives coming from the mainstream media is a 24/7 affair that never ends. The power of traditional media is waning, to be sure, but it’s still very strong.


And everyone in the MSM is a full-time advocate for the Democratic party.

For over a year now, they’ve been peddling Nancy Pelosi’s concussed version of what happened at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. The kangaroo court in the House of Representatives that’s trying to brand all Trump supporters as domestic terrorists is championed daily by members of the press who laughingly refer to themselves as “journalists.”

There are many people out there who tell a different tale than what the Democrats have been selling but they’ve been kept in the shadows until now.

Actor/director Nick Searcy (Justified, The Shape of Water) has given them a voice in his latest film, the documentary Capitol Punishment.

Victoria recently wrote a great article about the movie for us which featured a quote from Searcy that sums things up rather succinctly:

“Everything that we are being told [about Jan. 6] is a lie and Americans are being persecuted to support that lie.”


Nick joined me on my Kruiser Kabana podcast this week to talk about the movie, offering some additional context to the dark subject matter. These podcast episodes are usually for VIP subscribers only but I have decided to leave it on the other side of the paywall for a couple of weeks to give more people a chance to hear this important version of what went on that day.

It’s an intense film to watch. It’s also a necessary film to watch. If you haven’t already seen it you’ll definitely want to after hearing my interview with Nick.


Since I’ve already mentioned our VIP program, I may as well take a moment to once again sing its praises. Well, I’ve got a little help this time. Athena Thorne is one of our newest writers and she provided a newcomer’s perspective on what we’re working to build here:

My point is that I didn’t even realize how much news I wasn’t being told until I joined the incredible staff of professional journalists here at PJ Media. It was, as Don Rumsfeld once explained, one of those things I didn’t know I didn’t know. Thank God for PJ Media and outlets like it who keep this information alive and available.

Of course, Big Left isn’t going to stand idly by while PJ Media tells the world what they’re up to. Editor Paula Bolyard detailed some of the attacks they’ve been launching on sites like this one. From the Biden administration sending lists of banned subjects to social media giants, to those platforms throttling our traffic, to tech infrastructure companies refusing services to sites with which they disagree, it’s a constant battle for conservative news services to stay online.

We are not only fighting to save conservative journalism, we’re also building a community of like-minded patriots. Several of them will be joining Stephen Green and me at CPAC next month for some extracurricular fun. Mr. Green and I are constantly marveling at the fact that we get to call this work.

The VIP program has given us a platform to freely expand our multimedia presence with podcasts, videos, and the live “Five O’Clock Somewhere” chat that we two Steves do for three hours every Thursday. Nick has been on my podcast before and he’ll be on again soon. The weekly “Unwoke” podcast that Kevin Downey Jr. and I do has now evolved into a live stand-up tour. A VIP subscription doesn’t just support journalism, it’s an integral part of the overall expansion of all conservative entertainment.


And it’s cheaper than Netflix. Much cheaper.

It’s practically a steal right now when you sign up using the promo code AMERICAFIRST and receive a 25% discount.

Come hang out with us. We won’t tell anybody where you are.

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