The Morning Briefing: Confirmed—The Supreme Court's Lib Justices Are Paste-Eaters

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Many clarinetists are rumored to understand the call of the humpback whale.

Well, now we know why the Democrats are so eager to pack the Supreme Court with more liberal judges. They’re going to need at least three more lefties on the Court just to get the collective IQ of the lib justices into triple digits.


In case you were going merrily on with your lives last Friday and may have missed the vaccine mandate oral arguments spectacle, allow me to sum up the performance of the Court’s three lefty justices: painful.

Seriously, they were so embarrassing that I began mentally composing “Thank You” letters to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell while I was reading about what went on.

Drew Allen wrote an in-depth post on the circus for us, highlighting some of the lowlights:

I listened to the entirety of the oral arguments made in the U.S. Supreme Court on Biden’s vaccine mandates. I did so as part of my preparation to discuss the issue on my own podcast. “Trust but verify,” Ronald Reagan said. I can now verify that in a nation of 330 million people, the dumbest Americans are the leftist, activist justices on the Supreme Court.

Many of you have likely already seen and heard the highlight reel of the overt and undeniable stupidity displayed by Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan.

It is true that Justice Breyer made the false and embarrassing claim that “750 million new cases” had been reported last Thursday, despite the fact that the United States’ population is just 330 million people. Perhaps it was an honest mistake, attributable to a sharp decline in mental acuity due to Breyer’s old age — Breyer is 83 years old.

I’m not sure that Breyer’s assault on reality is age-related, any more than Joe Biden’s constant verbal idiocy is. Biden has always been a no-filter moron and Breyer has never come across as one of the sharper members of the court. Even if it was just a complete blunder, I’d still like to think that our Supreme Court justices would choose their words a bit more carefully.


Let’s see what the Wise Latina had to offer:

But what is Justice Sotomayor’s excuse? She is 67 years old and made the patently false claim that the omicron variant “is as deadly” as delta. Even Tiny Tony Fauci, the de-facto anti-science leader of the left, has said, “All indications point to a lesser severity of omicron versus delta.”

Drew goes on to make the case that the judges aren’t really stupid and were merely being overtly activist in order to prop up these “unprecedented” mandates. It’s a solid argument, but I think that there were some unforced errors in their comments. Unless Justice Sotomayor hasn’t read a newspaper, turned on a television, or been anywhere near the internet in the last month, she had to know that she was going way over the top with her claim.

The mainstream media reaction was beyond pathetic. Rather than take the liberal judges to task, the hacks in the MSM hyperfocused on Justice Neil Gorsuch. First, they lied about something he said, which Matt wrote about. Then, The Washington Post published a breathless opinion piece about the fact that he wasn’t wearing a mask, as if that were the most problematic thing about the session.

Whether Breyer and Sotomayor are lying activists, idiots, or a combination of both, it is clear that American leftists are steadfast in their resolve to use this bat flu as an excuse to continue their efforts to turn the United States into the new East Berlin. Yes, they want to be able to play fast and loose with election laws in the name of COVID, but this is bigger than that. They really would like to see our freedoms shrink as federal power grows. These are the kinds of people who miss the Soviet Union.


I better get back to those “Thank You” letters now.

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