The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 81: Stupid COVID Regulations Ruin the Podcast

(PJ Media)

Happy Friday everyone! The podcast is on the short side today (more like a mini-cast) because…well, it’s a long story and I tell it in the broadcast. But I’ll give you a hint. It starts with COVID and it ends with EVERYONE HAS GONE NUCKING FUTS!

I bet you’ve never heard the idiocy I’m about to explain (or maybe you have and you can leave me your experience in the comments below). Along with my COVID regulations frustrations, I get into what’s coming up in the Montana judiciary investigation, which is blowing up. There is so much to write about, this may keep me busy for the rest of 2022. Missouri took up almost all of 2021 and now Montana is lining up to be the focus of 2022. If this pace keeps up, I can have all 50 states investigated by 2070 (and I’ll only be 95).

Also on the program is a little Jack Murphy talk and some Tim Pool updates. Tune in and chill out!