The Morning Briefing: 'Democracy' Is the Dems' New Code Word for 'Communism'

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Hitler probably ate a lot of creamed corn.

It is probably best at this point to just assume that the gulf between Republicans and Democrats will continue to widen for a very long time, if not forever. Long gone are the halcyon days of Ronald Reagan saying that he could have a drink with Tip O’Neill at the end of the day after sparring over political issues.


Now we’ve got both sides screaming that the other will be the death of democracy in the United States. One side is actually right about that.

The other side is the Democrats.

Of course, we don’t really live in a democracy, but most Democrats don’t understand that, despite the name of their party. Their willful ignorance is just one of the many things that greatly threaten the future of the Republic.

Their incessant lying is another.

Those of us whose job it is to monitor political news in all forms of media are being treated to a lot of virtual garment-rending like this right now:

Variations on that theme have been flooding social media for days now, which A.J. wrote about yesterday:

A memo clearly went out among the elite media Monday to write a lot about “democracy” all week.

Yep. There is nothing organic or original in the Democrat-controlled media. It’s all astroturfed from the Democratic National Committee. And the flying monkeys in the MSM are all too eager to obey.

More from A.J.’s post:

The Washington Post took the cake for hyperventilation by running three columns Monday about the “survival” of democracy.

The latter, penned by longtime leftist E.J. Dionne, specifically advised Democrats on how they can avoid a shellacking in November’s congressional elections. You know how? Make them about democracy.

This means passing so-called “democracy” bills.


What the Democrats are referring to as democracy is anything but. They want elections to be taken over by the federal government. They want one-party rule. They are big fans of government control of the media and censorship.

They’re straight-up commies.

Democrats are actually — as always — up to the things that they’re accusing Republicans of doing. As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway points out, that shtick doesn’t really play outside of the coastal media bubbles:

All of those “democracy bills” that E.J. Dionne wrote about will do nothing but move the United States inexorably toward the commie cliff and hasten the end of the Republic.

Our survival depends on remembering that the Democrats and their media propaganda machine lie about virtually everything now.

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